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21 Clayton Kershaw

He is simply the greatest pitcher ever, in my opinion

The rankings on this website are absolutely whack-a-doodle.

What? He's the best pitcher in the whole league and I think ever! Cry Young is before him? Not even in his dreams! This list is BS.

Tim Lincecum is ahead of him?

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22 Mark Buerhle V 2 Comments
23 Bert Blyleven

No one threw a curve ball better than Bert. No one.

24 Tom Glavine

Didn't have the overwhelming fastball to win big in the post season, but neither did Maddux.

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25 Aroldis Chapman

Chapman is a lousy one inning wonder. Couldn't start and win if his life depended on it.

Shouldn't be ahead of Tom Glavine or Curt Schilling and by the way the best closer ever was Mariano Rivera look at the stats

Adroldis Chapman is a absolute beast! when your change up goes 96 mph, you know you have a great pitcher. He should be higher on this list, maybe around Pedro Martinez.

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26 Curt Schilling

Since Roy Halladay isn't in the top 5 ill go with Schilling. Hamels shouldn't be in the top 4, 000 pitchers.

Three World Series Rings, 200+ wins, 2,000+ stikeouts. Truly amazing.

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27 Whitey Ford

Best I've ever seen. Been a baseball fan since I was old enough to say Yogi. Most under appreciated pitcher of all time, even while he was active. Winning record from 1950 until his arm died after the '65 season, when he was relegated to relief work. Control beyond compare.

Whitey should absolutely be considered in the top ten.

28 Don Sutton

Too many 19 game seasons gave him a lesser reputation than he deserved. If he was pitching today he'd command 20 million bucks a year.

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29 Gaylord Perry
30 Johan Santana

Not good enough to be considered in this list or any list of the top 100.

31 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.

He could've been the greatest pitcher ever. - Jman2021

Good pitcher, but didn't have many strike outs.

He should've stayed a pitcher but he made a smart choice

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32 Zach Greinke V 2 Comments
33 Orel Hershiser V 1 Comment
34 Jaba Chamberlin

one of the youngest pitchers to throw 100 give the new yankees pitcher some props guys cmon
- dissthisnoob

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35 Roy Halladay

I keep finding more and more people that should be way higher on this list... Roy Halladay is one of them

Perfect game under his belt with multiple no hitter what wrong with you this is clearly a top 5 guy

By far the best philly of all time

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36 Jim Palmer

He is the youngest pitcher ever to throw a shutout in a world series.

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37 Catfish Hunter V 1 Comment
38 Dwight Gooden

What the heck is Dwight Gooden doing down here?!

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39 Don Drysdale

I grew up watching Drysdale and remember how he would finish almost every game he ever threw. I think he was 22-20 one season... May be off a win or loss but he finished. there is a great story of when Willy Mays faced Drysdale... Mays stepped into the box and started to dig in his back foot.. Without looking up he all of a sudden called time and filled in the hole and stepped back into the box... Drysdale threw right under his chin and put him on his butt.. Nobody dug in against Drysdale

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40 Justin Verlander

The Greatest Pitcher ever, Cy Young and MVP both in the same year.

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