Greatest Political Punk Songs Of All Time

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81 Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine
82 War Pigs - Black Sabbath

What the hell is this doing here? Bloody Morons!

83 Perfect Government - NOFX
84 Solidarity - Angelic Upstarts
85 Right to Work - Chelsea
86 War - Linkin Park
87 Foundations to Burn - Boysetsfire

Lyrically powerful. Very underrated band.

88 Antivist - Bring Me the Horizon
89 America - Motionless In White
90 Politically Correct - SR-71
91 No Government - Anti-Pasti
92 1 Trillion Dollar$ - Anti - Flag
93 East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day

Political is the word but it needs more cowbell

94 M.I.5's Alive - Third World War

"...Let's free the working class! We're tired of licking the goverment's ass.
Let's free the working class! We're tired of licking the monarchy's ass.
Power to the people when we rise
Power to the poor when we rise
Power to the workers when we rise
You're talking to the law and it don't like your face... " ( lyrics of the 1971 british band ' Third world war '

95 Blood-Red White and Blue - Rise Against

Absolutely shocked I had to add this, easily top 10 material

96 My Country - New Model Army

This is the greatest political punk song ever. It should be the national anthem for every western democratic, common law country. How in this world can Green Day Linkin Park be above N.M.A., the greatest political rock band ever, just confirms notoriety trumps greatness every time. New Model army are the greatest band ever.

97 Survivor Guilt - Rise Against
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