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1 Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II served as Pope and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 1978 to 2005. He is called Saint John Paul the Great by some Catholics.

I had the opportunity to see him when I was a child. He came here to my country in 1989 and it's now 30 years. The first thing he did when landed here was to lay straight on the ground and kiss my land. I love you my favourite are an inspiration to everyone. May we follow your path and I know that you are still praying for humanity from where you are. You are missed by each of us. By the way am a Hindu.

John Paul II is the reason I am Catholic. I have never known a greater man that experienced Nazi and Soviet occupation and still kept his faith. He was the burning candle in an age of darkness. He saw the good in western ideas and connected freedom and individuality to Jesus' teachings. His efforts thwarted communism and saved countless people from totalitarianism.

He helped everyone in the world and was a hero to all. He helped the poor, he spoke out against communism, and he challenged the boundaries of the Catholic Church! He deserves to be a saint!

There's a reason why The Vatican is making him a saint in 2014 this year!

He Was an Great man to MANY people!

He's also one of my personal heroes for the Catholic Priesthood

2 Pope Nicholas II
3 Pope Francis Pope Francis is the 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, a title he holds ex officio as Bishop of Rome, and Sovereign of the Vatican City.

I LOVE this guy. He represents everything that Jesus stood for. Tolerance, love, good will, generosity and kindness. We need more men like him in times like this.

Just look up all the things Pope Francis has done and you will be amazed!

Pope Francis understands and emphasizes that "Love" is the greatest and must always be above all else.

Humble, honest, and has changed roman catabolism for the best, I admire him and his greatness.

4 Pope Leo I

He is a brave Pope.

An epic meeting with Attila The Hun?
Oh, yes.

5 Pope Gregory I

Pope Gregory is one of the Doctors of the Church and he had a good miracle.

6 Pope Innocent III

One of the most powerful popes ever.

7 Pope Leo XIII

Composed the prayer to St. Michael the archangel.

He made many encyclicals

8 Pope Julius II
9 Pope Benedict XVI

Great great man with a strong compassion for purifying the church and focusing the teachings of the church on its roots.

Future Doctor of the Church. Not too many other Popes have received that high honor

Succeeded John Paul II.

He made the encyclical "Summorum Pontificum" to bring back The Tridentine Mass

10 Pope Pius IX

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11 Pope Peter

The one whom Christ Chose as His Rock. The Papacy is traced all the way back to him.

Peter was the person whom Jesus trusted. He was chosen above all the apostles. And he was the first pope.

He was chosen by Christ himself what would one expect

Good point, good point.

12 Pope Paul III
13 Pope John XXIII

Without him, the Catholic Church won't be more open minded towards the society. He was the one who reformed the Catholic Church to be more approachable towards the people.

Took great steps towards bringing the church up to date and always came across as a very warm and friendly man.

14 Pope Urban II

A person that deserves a higher spot on this list.
The crusades are an important part of the history of the Middle Ages, and a very misunderstood and unfairly villiefied one.
Thankfully to Urban II, the march of the infidels had been stopped.

Who doesn't love a good crusade?

Pope who got the Crusades going.

15 Pope Pius XII
16 Pope Blessed John XXIII

The good pope.

17 Pope Alexander VI
18 Pope Leo X
19 Pope John Paul I

Pope for only about 30 days.

20 Pope Paul VI
21 Pope Sixtus V

He was the most powerful of the Reformation popes and effectively sorted out the papal states.

22 Pope Alexander III

Underrated are you serious?

A very underrated pope. Managed to overcome both Frederick Barbarossa and Henry II of England despite having a schism to deal with. Also modified the papal election process which is more or less the same today.

23 Pope Miltiades

First Pope to end the persecution against Christianity.

24 Pope Pius III
25 Pope Sylvester I
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