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41 Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels

This seems very low for such a seemingly personal fued that was supposed to one match

42 Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

This rivalry began in 1997 and ended in 2010

43 Freebirds vs Von Erichs

Michael P.S. hayes and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy started a war that lasted nearly 5 years when they got involved in a world title match between Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair in a cage. Fritz and four sons battled up to four members of the Freebirds in six man tag matches. Both groups went at each other "Tooth and Nail" every match. It's something you'll never see again.

This was and still remains the greatest fued in pro wrestling history.

44 The Rock vs Triple H

Every time they faced each other it was wild and controversial.

How is this 175? Its easily a top 25 All Time Rivalry.

45 Sgt. Slaughter vs Iron Shiek

During the mid 80's they had some of the bloodiest matches I have ever seen whether they were in the AWA or WWF.

46 Magnum T.A. vs Tully Blanchard

Their rivalry reached it's height in the greatest "I Quit" match of all time.

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47 Greg Valentine vs Roddy Piper

Back in 1983, they had a series of dog collar matches that were unbelievable. I wish the WWE would bring those matches back.

48 Goldberg vs NWO
49 Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher

These two Goliaths battled in bloody cage matches in the AWA and WCCW.

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50 Road Warriors vs Demolition

These two battled for the rights to claim the "Mad Max" personna.

51 Bob Backlund vs "Superstar" Billy Graham

Backlund wrestled Graham for several month's before winning an holding the belt for nearly 6 years. It was the era between Sammartino and Hogan.

52 Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs Don "The Rock" Muraco

Rivalry ended with the most spectacular cage dive of that era.

53 Taz vs Sabu

Some of ECW's most violent matches.

54 Harley Race vs Ric Flair

Before Flair became "The Man", he had to beat the man.

55 Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard

Their battles for the NWA T.V. title and Baby Doll were epic in the time just before the 4 Horsemen united.

56 Verne Gagne vs Nick Bockwinkel

They owned the AWA world title for over a decade.

57 The Fantastics vs The Sheepherders

One team was pretty and technical, the other was rough and tough. In the pre Bushwacker days, the Sheepherders had some of the most brutal matches with the Fantastics that I had ever seen.

58 RVD vs Jeff Hardy

They had some of the greatest acrobatic/hardcore matches over the I.C. title.

59 Tully Blanchard vs Magnum T.A.

In the mid 80's these two looked to really hate each other in their battles for the U.S. title that ended in a epic "I Quit" cage match.

60 Harlem Heat vs The Steiner Brothers

Two of the strongest, most athletic teams battled many times for the WCW tag titles.

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