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61 Harley Race vs The Funk Brothers

In the 70's, Race ended Dory's near 4 year and Terry's 15 month reigns as NWA world champions.

62 Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee

From the 70's through the 80's their rivalry dominated the Memphis area.

63 Dusty Rhodes vs The Four Horsemen

For a period that lasted over two years, Rhodes and a select few superstars battled the Horsemen for NWA supremacy. Rhodes had previous run ins with all four members

64 Harley Race vs Dusty Rhodes

When Rhodes came to the NWA in the late 70's, much like Flair, he had to go through Race. They wrestled many times before Rhodes was able to win the NWA world crown from Race in 79' and 81'.

65 Dusty Rhodes vs "Superstar" Billy Graham

In the late 70's, Rhodes came from Florida up to New York to face Graham in a record breaking trilogy of matches. The matches were at Madison Square Garden an each one had it's own stipulation. Rhodes won 2 of the 3 but due to politics was not awarded the WWF title. Graham, later said the matches were the favorites of his career.

66 Harley Race vs Jack Brisco

Along with the Funks, these two were the most dominate wrestlers in the NWA through the 70's. They were either champion or challenging for the championship. The times they wrestled each other were masterpieces.

67 Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan

Back in Dusty Rhodes days in Florida he was "The Man" and Kevin Sullivan had a big problem with that. To counteract Rhodes dominance, Sullivan, recruited an evil group of hencemen to dethrone the king. Rhodes usually was able to successfully fight off Sullivan and his men.

68 Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd

Battled for giant supremacy in the 80's WWF.

69 Ric Flair vs Wahoo McDaniels

In Flairs early years, he and McDaniels had some real slobberknockers and this continued through the mid 80's. I wonder where Flair learned the chop from.

70 Road Warriors vs The Powers of Pain

Years before Demolition there were The Power Of Pain. They were two big, powerful men who also wore face paint. The two teams battled in several physical matches that culminated in a severe injury to Animals eye.

71 Vader vs Sting

These two battled for months before Sting finally got the upper hand.

72 Randy Savage vs Jake Roberts

It took Savage a while to exact his revenge after Roberts viciously attacked him but they tore each other apart.

73 Ricky Steamboat vs Jake Roberts

Steamboat got tired of Roberts attacking him with his snake so he combats him with a mongoose.

74 The East/West Connection vs The High Flyers

These teams dominated the AWA scene from the mid 70's to the early 80's. One team had Ventura and Adonis while the other had Gagne and Brunzell. They lit it up every time they faced each other which seemed like every night.

75 Verne Gagne vs Larry "The Axe" Hennig

They fought each other for many years, a real hatred between the two. Hennig always seemed to come up short when it came to the world title.

76 Road Warriors vs The Freebirds

In the mid 80's during the Road Warriors tag title run in AWA, the Freebirds showed up to take the belts. Along with Ellering, the Road Warriors battled the team of Hayes, Gordy, and Roberts in a series of controversial tag team and six man matches.

77 Ric Flair vs The Garvins

In 1987, Ric Flair crossed paths with the Garvins. It started when Flair tried to put the moves on Jimmy's valet Sunshine. Ron and Jimmy challenged Flair to a series of regular and cage matches, in which, the other Horsemen usually got involved. Ron was able to win the NWA title an held it for over two months.

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78 Buddy Roberts vs "Iceman" King Parsons

Their rivalry that led to the classic hair vs. Hair match at times stole the show from the Von Erich/Freebird feud.

79 Kevin Von Erich vs "Gentleman" Chris Adams

When Adams turned his back on the Von Erich's, it was Kevin's task to get revenge.

80 Roddy Piper vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Piper's coconut shot to Snuka's skull started a intense feud.

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