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61 Leftoverture - Kansas

Kansas's first 5 Albums should all be in the top 50. This one is probably the best. If you listen to all the songs you'll realize just how great this album is. Carry on Wayward Son is a classic and their most well known. But Miracles out of nowhere is a spectacular classical orchestral composition of real splendor. Magnum Opus is a brilliant prog epic. Cheyenne Anthem is a very distinctive beautiful piece of unique subject matter for prog. The Wall is great. Opus Insert is a fine song. What's on my mind is fun. It's just the best album top to bottom. It definitely deserves top 10.

A great album by America's greatest prog band. The members of Kansas are masters of creating and performing technical and melodic symphonic prog.

Leftoverture & Point Of Know Return are great from start to finish.

62 Turn of the Cards - Renaissance

"Mother Russia" and "Running Hard" on the same album! - roncohp

63 Absolution - Muse
64 Colors - Between the Buried and Me
65 Lizard - King Crimson

Took a while to get into but once it grows on you,it doesn't let go

Great album, it combines jazz and classical with psychedelia and early heavy metal, if you ask me I think it was pretty influential to new wave that came on in the late-80s. It also has great album art by Geni Barris, I'm a big fan of her
Art. Great acidish art that was one of the primary artists that inspired me to use guache as a medium for my art. I have a crush on Barris

This is a great album, it combines jazz and classical with psychedelia and heavy metal. To me it seems like it might
Have been influential to new wave that came in the late 80s. It also has gorgeous album art by Geni Barris, I'm a big fan
Of her art, really cool acidish art done by guache.

66 Acquiring the Taste - Gentle Giant

Truly great LP which was an amazing progression from their dull debut LP which had the musicianship but lacked the songs. This time out,they had both and it worked

67 For Girls Who Grow Plump In the Night - Caravan

Superb and overlooked album by this long lived UK Prog act.Finds them embracing and mixing a number of styles with their established prog sound and successfully pulling it of

68 In the Land of Grey and Pink - Caravan

This remains one of my favourite albums of all time. It is difficult to describe the spell cast by this quintessentially British musical journey into lands of dream and wonder, but it grows with repeated listenings. From the sublime to the ridiculous, it's all there in the right measure - imaginative but accessible playing, quirky poetic lyrics, warm vocals, incredible organ meanderings, deft rhythms and clean engineering.

Deserves the plaudits it gets and"One Nation Underground" which takes up the entire 2nd side more than justifies that

69 OK Computer - Radiohead

Their last truly great record. It was all directionless noise from there

This is prog!?

So many good songs on this album...
Paranoid Android
No Suprises
Karma Police - Ziffe

70 Origin of Symmetry - Muse

All the best things about progressive rock without the time-wasting.

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71 Five Bridges - The Nice
72 In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

Really great album. My favorite By PT. Should be higher on the list. Not old school prog but prog for a new generation.

In absentia, well it should be higher, great album, can't believe it's so underrated - Suliman Elkhoury

73 Hand. Cannot. Erase - Steven Wilson

The best album ever made. it's mesmerizing all the way through!

74 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

My favorite album period. Might be a little different for prog rock fans hence the rating but listen to both sides, hopefully your life is now better.

A true classic. Disturbing and beautiful at the same time.

This is a masterpiece.

75 Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Free bird isn't even an album!?!?! Why!?!

They probably mean the album that had "Freebird". However, it is still NOT prog!

Gross misplacement or is someone taking the piss...or perhaps a bit of both. Lynyrd Skynyrd is about as progressive as Justin Beiber is the next Bob Dylan

76 The Sentinel - Pallas
77 The Turn of a Friendly Card - The Alan Parsons Project

This is pop prog at its finest. The first side sets up a tight sequence of songs featuring the usual amazing array of APP vocalists, flowing naturally into a second side that all runs together perfectly from Alan Parsons' superb instrumental "The Gold Bug" through Eric Woolfson's beautiful "Turn of Friendly Card" suite (with some nice Ian Bairnson guitar passages along the way). This is orchestra heavy throughout, though never in a way that diminishes the immediacy of the band - from those opening French horns you know your in for a treat. Woolfson's vocal debut on the evocative, underrated piano and strings ballad "Time" are an impressive debut for the brilliant songwriter himself, and Parsons production and engineering remains a testament to the master.

Gets my vote thanks to the brilliant suite on the flip side... Perhaps the best 16 minutes of pop prog ever made!

I don't think the perfect album exists, but to me this comes incredibly close...!

What a wonderful prog. Rock album!

78 Nursery Cryme - Genesis

It's absurd that it isn't even top 50. Without a doubt, one of the greatest prog albums ever, not one song on it is less than great.

This album is right behind foxtrot, both should be in the top ten!

My second favorite album from Genesis' discography, the first one being "The Lamb..."

79 Free Hand - Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant is the best prog band, and both Free Hand and the Power and the Glory are their best 2 studio albums. Although they never became popular like Pink Floyd did, their music is much brighter than the brooding atmosphere in Pink Floyd. Also their musical expertise far outshines all other prog bands.

Kerry Minnear (on keyboards) has a degree in composition from the Royal Conservatory of Music in London which explains the diversity of music, syncopation, and harmonies WITHIN many songs, such as "On Reflection," in which every band member plays at least 2 instruments. "Free Hand" and "Just the Same" are also masterpieces.

Finally, the band members versatility in playing many instruments is legendary, and not just in studios but live. (Check out their full live concert: Sight and Sound). Ray Shulman, the bass player, also plays acoustic guitar, trumpet, violin, and sings. Ray even sings WHILE he plays violin! Ray's brother Derek, the lead singer, also plays bass, ...more

80 Tanz der Lemminge - Amon Duul II V 1 Comment
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