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81 Trespass - Genesis

Fantastic album, you can hear the Genesis of Genesis on this album!

82 Octopus - Gentle Giant
83 Octavarium - Dream Theater

Octavarium definitely gets my vote. - naFrovivuS


84 Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd V 1 Comment
85 In the Wake of Poseidon - King Crimson

This continues the greatness of their debut album. Great melodies, instrumentation, and variation with the use of mellotron. The title track is particularly moving.

86 Voyage of the Acolyte - Steve Hackett

This is an incredible album, Genesis aside. The guest vocalists and range of featured instruments is exquisite. Consisting mostly of sweeping gentle songs, punctuated by some remarkable rockier tracks that surprise and bewilder on first listening, the overall mood evoked is poignant and wistful.

87 Seconds Out - Genesis

Production and feeling just so good. A warmth like no other live album. Listen to Hackett's guitar work on The Carpet Crawlers

88 Days of Future Passed - The Moody Blues

The moody blues has been the most influential band in my life. The first time I heard this album, I was hooked. From there it only got better. However, I wouldn't classify them as prog rock, more symphonic than anything. The poetry in the opening and close of the album is haunting, and sets the scene better than any other intro I can think of. Coupling with Peter Knight was amazing, as the interludes between songs were masterful. This album was the first of it's kind, and will never be forgotten. A+ work. Moodies Forever!

One of the earliest and best works of the genre. Listen and enjoy.

89 The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories) - Stephen Wilson

A modern prog classic full f strange concepts and progressive time changes will feature in best of lists in times to come.

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90 Demons and Wizards - Uriah Heep

Has many great songs - Wizard, Rainbow Demon, Traveler in Time, Easy Livin'

91 Camel - Camel

An overlooked masterpiece by an overlooked band

92 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
93 Sound Awake - Karnivool

This is seriously underrated.
Just give this band another couple of years. It has the potential to be up there with the greats: Pink Floyd, rush, yes, dt. Porcupine tree and tool are also great.

94 And Then There Were Three - Genesis
95 Wind & Wuthering - Genesis

Masterpiece. The last breath of prog rock by Genesis.

96 Pictures at an Exhibition - Emerson Lake and Palmer

This is the greatest progressive live album of all time! - FariamixD

Without doubt the best piece of music by the best musicians ever.

In my opinion, that is.

97 Per Un Amico - Premiata Forneria Marconi

Some of the other entries are fantastic, but not including this masterpiece at all would be a crime. Symphonic prog at its best! Don't be discouraged by the Italian lyrics; the album is mostly instrumental and rivals the sound of Genesis.

Don't be afraid about this Italian Group!
This is one of the best progressive rock album of ever...
Think about the "delicate songs" of King Crimson and immerge yourself into this sweet Floyd of WONDERFUL MUSIC.

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98 Ommadawn - Mike Oldfield

I've listened to thousands of rock and jazz albums since I was 11 and this is by far the best and still listen to it after 40 years. The amazing thing is that I never got tired of it and even enjoy every listen still. This is such a emotionally moving album.

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99 Tales of Mystery and Imagination - The Alan Parsons Project

The ultimate in literary concept albums.

100 Tubular Bells III - Mike Oldfield

Underrated because of the shadow cast by the first one.

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