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101 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
102 Undertow - Tool
103 A Saucerful of Secrets - Pink Floyd

The second best Floyd record. Piper is the first

104 Per Un Amico - Premiata Forneria Marconi

Some of the other entries are fantastic, but not including this masterpiece at all would be a crime. Symphonic prog at its best! Don't be discouraged by the Italian lyrics; the album is mostly instrumental and rivals the sound of Genesis.

Don't be afraid about this Italian Group!
This is one of the best progressive rock album of ever...
Think about the "delicate songs" of King Crimson and immerge yourself into this sweet Floyd of WONDERFUL MUSIC.

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105 Flex-Able - Steve Vai
106 Sex & Religion - Steve Vai

This album is NOT prog. While his first 2 were, this one was just heavy metal. Don't take my word for it, check it out on Wikipedia.

107 I Robot - Alan Parsons Project
108 Tall Ships - It Bites

It bites came back in 2008 with John Mitchell taking over from Francis Dunnery. And what an album. Modern prog rock, one great melody/arrangement after the other. Check it put.

109 Horizons - Anubis Gate
110 The Raven That Refused to Sing - Steven Wilson

Best progressive rock album of the 2000s (21st century). Not EXTREMELY good, but deserves being at top 20, because it brought back progressive rock, not like Dream Theater, things like that are Prog Metal (also Tool and stuff). Very good album, never get tired. 7.5/10 - patrickfloyd

A masterpiece that will make you want more!

111 The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X

This is the culmination of what "prog" and "rock" really mean. Symphony X brings mastery of every instrument and mastery of complex compositions to the table.

112 The Odyssey - Symphony X

One of the best albums of all time. These guys are the Kansas of Progressive metal.

Wow, outside of top 100, really? It's one album I keep coming back after many years of listening

113 The Joy of Motion - Animals As Leaders

Understandably low as AAL is fairly new to the scene, however it should be MUCH higher. Some awesome harmonic and rhythmic complexity with amazing songwriting. Not one weak band member. If you've never heard of them I highly recommend you give them a shot.

114 Alturas de Machu Picchu - Los Jaivas
115 Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson

What the crap this isn't prog. This is well... literally crap!

116 Masque - Kansas

This album is all great, but it contains "Icarus: Borne on Wings of Steel." The song is based on the legendary flight of Icarus in Greek mythology but its in the first person and its application today is amazing.

117 U.K. - U.K.

I rate this, and their other studio album "Danger Money", very highly. For those of you who don't know them, U.K. sound like a cross between King Crimson, ELP and Yes, with some influences of Gong, Soft Machine and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

The debut album of this supergroup is powerful! Allan Holdsworth (from Soft Machine & Gong) plays lead guitar, John Wetton (from King Crimson & Uriah Heep) sings and plays bass, Eddie Jobson (from Curved Air & Frank Zappa & the Mothers) plays violin and keyboards, Bill Bruford (from Yes & King Crimson) is the drummer.

If you like Prog Rock DON'T MISS THIS ALBUM! For me is THE BEST EVER MADE! Listen to the powerful voice of John Wetton, his sharp and firm Bass, the excellent Drums by Bill Bruford, but expecially the exquisite Guitar of Allan Holdsworth and the wonderful keyboards and the "Magic" Electric Violin of Eddie Jobson...WONDERFUL!

118 Fly to the Rainbow - Scorpions

A mixture of psychedelic-, progressive-, and hardrock. They were all great musicans exspecially Klaus Meine on vocals and Uli Roth on lead guitar. The title track is a 10-minutes long masterpiece.

The first TRULY GREAT Scorpions LP. Some of you may say Lonesome Crow is and that's fine but this is where the ball really gets rolling with Uli Jon Roth on board and led to a succession of great LP's that after hr left,slowly started to deplete.The crowning of greatness in the scorpions cannon starts here

119 Death Walks Behind You - Atomic Rooster

Awesome record.They never did anything as good as this again and later releases same them leaning more towards R and B and not doing a good job of it. Guitarist John Du Cann and Drummer Paul Hammond went on to form Hard Stuff and put out one sonic debut LP "Bulletproof'(1972) and an OK second LP "Bolex Dementai"(1973)

120 Deadwing - Porcupine Tree

Not as 'in your face' proggy as many albums on this list, but far more enjoyable and melodic. I'm glad to see some good (sensible) modern suggestions on this list as I feel there is often a strong bias towards 70's music when discussing progressive rock. This album many not have had the same impact that Dark side of the moon or Close to the edge had (for example), but I certainly play it far more frequently. I feel that this band was on the verge of a (long overdue) commercial breakthrough before they split, but I'm glad to see Steven Wilson's solo career doing so well!

Can't believe this wasnt on the list, better than In Absentia if you ask me. Definitely deserves top 20

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