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141 American Idiot - Green Day

This would definitely be higher up on the list if it was about the greatest punk or alternative albums. But this is about progressive rock, and punk is pretty much the opposite. So to all the people who think this album belongs on the list... You obviously have no idea what progressive rock is.

Green Day is NOT prog. Check out the genre of each album on Wikipedia. Having a concept album doesn't make the album prog. The Who had Tommy, a concept album, but it was hard rock -- NOT progressive. Zappa's 1st album Freak Out (1966) was a concept album, psychedelic - not prog. Zappa got progressive on his 8th album, Hot Rats (1969).

While Green Day is not really a progressive rock band, this is a concept album which I would call art rock. It tells the story of St. Jimmy, a suburban punk, and his quests. Listen to the whole album and follow the story, it will blow your mind. Some of the songs are progressive (St. Jimmy, Homecoming), but the album as a whole is art rock.

If this is prog, Led Zeppelin is death metal. - naFrovivuS

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142 Dookie - Green Day

What the hell is this album doing in this list?

Check out this album's genre on Wikipedia. It is NOT prog. It should NOT be listed.

I'm sorry, can you repeat that?

143 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day

What is this album doing in this list?

An obvious wind up.Lets just ignore it and perhaps this troll will go away once him mommy realizes that she needs to monitor his computer time more closely

144 Once Again - Barclay James Harvest
145 Invisible Touch - Genesis

This is the first album by Genesis that is NOT prog. 'Duke' was their last prog album. This one is pure pop. Check out the album's genre on Wikipedia, if you don't believe me. Both Wikipedia and I agree with the first comment.

Brilliant album. Pop prog hits like the title track and land of confusion share the bill with more classic prog stylings like dominoes. Essential.

Not prog - RalphSaad

146 Genesis - Genesis
147 Duke - Genesis
148 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

My favorite album period. Might be a little different for prog rock fans hence the rating but listen to both sides, hopefully your life is now better.

A true classic. Disturbing and beautiful at the same time.

This is a masterpiece.

This is honestly one of the greatest works of art in history period

149 Promise Land - Queensryche

Whoa whoa how do you forget this album by Queensryche. Really! At I was smart enough to do this. Well the album is 9 out of 10. Best Qnr albumm.

150 Aenima - Tool

Best heavy prog album ever

151 10,000 Days - Tool
152 Breakfast In America - Supertramp

"The Logical Song" is my favorite song by Supertramp!

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153 Pure - Pendragon

An under-rated gem. Lyrics with deep & meaningful substance combined with great guitar.

154 Keys to Ascension - Yes
155 Godbluff - Van Der Graaf Generator V 1 Comment
156 The Book of Taliesyn - Deep Purple
157 Starless and Bible Black - King Crimson V 3 Comments
158 Styx II - Styx

Perhaps it's bias since I'm also from Chicago, but Styx deserves higher than 101. This album had their first hit "Lady".

159 Atomic Rooster - Atomic Rooster

Very disappointing and of its time.Their reunion LP at the time of the NWOBHM and an attempt to jump on the band wagon that sadly fails and makes for a rather predictable and forgettable listening experience. Stick to the first two LPs and forget the rest

160 The Geese and the Ghost - Anthony Phillips
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