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Muhammad (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arabian Prophet, best known as the central figure (And last prophet) of the Abrahamic religion of Islam and is amongst the most revered and important historical figures in the world.


Successful at both spiritual level as well as religious level. Unmatched personality in the history. A prophet, a husband, a neighbour, a leader, a guide, a law giver, a judge, a friend, an orator, a diplomat, a general etc in all these he shone.

When I born I have been given two things by my parents and culture Automatically which is for me was very important my personal name is called every time and my religion when I grow up I have been exploring about All religion only one religion I found according to my needs was Muhammad's PBUHs personality and example to follow when I started to follow his commandments my life has changed so much and improved by mentally physically and scientifically my vision getting cleared from every where and what to do every single thing being answered I still in learning zone And improving as being good human being through Muhammad's philosophies and enjoying my life without doubts Muhammad's PBUHs Book of guidance and his personality is a perfect way of living in this world and here after I believe and adopting good deeds through His Amazing personality in this world until the age of 40 he was not called as prophet that time people new him he was the best in his town being helpful looking after ...more

We humans know the history for last 5000 years either from holy books or from science. I divide these 5000 years in two parts, before Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W. Peace be upon him and after) Now just be honest and think what we (human) learned? How much knowledge did we get? Start of 1st 35 centuries where we were and at the start where we were at the end? Now just be realistic and honest think last 15 centuries where we (human) where and where are now? What happened? What kind of lesson we got from Muhammad (S.A. W, peace be upon him) Which make us in todays date that we are talking about black hole quantum computer we are reaching far away in space. Yes we are on the top peek of knowledge today. But question is why? Why we was not moving in 1st 35 centuries and what he ( Muhammad (S.A. W, peace be upon him) ) give us that is less than half time we have gone so far? QURAN

QURAN is the answer which work like a spark for our (human) us humanity was waiting for last guidance and ...more

Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) is the proof of Allah swt. It is because of him that Allah swt made other Prophets. If he was not made, nothing would be there. He is the reason that Allah swt made everything. He is the beloved of Allah swt to whom Allah swt himself was the host.

he is the most kindest person on earth and ALLAH made this earth for his beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. no no no one is like him. and all prophets are great muslims respect all prophets may ALLAH grant great rewads to all prophets of islam I am proud to be muslim

prophet muhammad s.a.w mercy for the worlds and seal of prophets and the most beloved friend of allah s.w.t

see my comments on prophet ayub a.s

He is the best man in the world and he was caring for us the whole time. With out Prophet Muhammad, we would be not existing. It was Prophet Muhammad that we are still living.

As a muslim, I am so glad to see two beloved prophets on the top of this list. Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the highest esteemed prophets in Islam and is a great role model for people on Earth! We believe in Islam that he is the Messiah who will save us from the Antichrist and evils of the final days. Don't make up things...we love Muhammad (peace be upon him), Jesus (peace be upon him), and all other prophets (including Noah, Adam, Solomon, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and many many others) for their wonderful, basic message to believe and worship one, almightt God--the same God. Allah, YHWH, and the one supreme God of the Christian are all the same supreme God. - h_khan

prophet Muhammad s. a. w was worlds greatest prophet he was on no. 1
without OUR HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAd s. A. W. WORLD Is un compelete

Mohamed is the greatest prophet all the time Allah were sent him to all Mankind. That is why he is the above all others.

Prophet Muhammad is the best and hero he saved all humans if you don't like him shame on you!

no one can beat prophet muhammad s.a. w.prophet muhammad s.a.w was the greatest prophet ever lived on earth. propet muhammad s.a.w has qualities of all prophets mashallah suban allah suban allah

Muhammad was chosen best by Allah, so forget about the list- he will be always no. 1 including the heaven, the list begins from rank 2.

Allah is great. And our prophet is a guide of Islam religion. And best way of life means complete religion in world is our Islam.

He is the characteristics of each and every prophets

Muhammad saw is the greatest Prophet ever. We love Isa (Jesus) Moses and all prophets mentioned in the Quran, and those who are not mentioned. Why I love Muhammad saw is because he too loves me even though he has never met me! His beautiful character is a perfect example for mankind.

My favourite and great man ever ever ever...

He is most closest to god and most best personality forever

He is the one who has shown us the right path in Islam and we believe in him and his God

He took the world in peace... actually removes the darkness, cruelty, give respect the women, elders, youngers, sympathy, the prophet of God and All Man kind... the greatest leader... in each and every way of life a complete code of life... our life is to much short but HiS (peace be upon him) dignity, is ore than any thing... words are less but he is more than...

My favorite and beautiful religion is Islam and I proud to my religion is very beautiful

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went through a huge amount of hardship and what he had accomplished for the world is unrepeatable.

The best prophet of islam because he nabi (saw) is the person that helped every muslim become a true muslim he saw made a small group of muslims become what we are today

My nabi Muhammad is great. Islam is best.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the first person who gave to the humanity in this world code of conduct. He demonstrated and practiced the ethical way to live. He recognized the rights of others and taught people to show mutual respect and was the first person to give this world "HUMAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS"