Greatest Punk Songs of All Time

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221 Down on the Farm - UK Subs
222 Die for the Government - Anti-Flag V 1 Comment
223 Amoeba - Adolescents V 1 Comment
224 Chesterfield King - Jawbreaker
225 See No Evil - Television
226 Frankie Teardrop - Suicide
227 Sleeping in My Piss - G.G. Allin
228 Bad Penny - Big Black

because there isn't near enough punk aggression on this list. -

229 The Jinx - Peter & the Test Tube Babies

Just listen to that fantastic riff at the beginning of this song - from now on, you won't get this gem of a punk song out of your head no more! - Gulf5

230 Where's Captain Kirk? - Spizzenergi

Brilliant and funny example that punk songs from the 70s were not necessarily to convey a political message. Will definitely make you want to move your feet! - Gulf5

Love it.

231 Aloha Steve & Danno - Radio Birdman

A rare track of this Australian punk band, released in 1978. An ode to the once famous TV show Hawaii Five-O.
One of my cross-genre favourites. - Gulf5

232 Shattered Faith - Bad Religion
233 Sick of This Place - Slapstick
234 Viva la Revolution - The Adicts
235 Working Class Hero - Green Day

Good cover on a classic

236 Pull My Strings - Dead Kennedys
237 Know Your Enemy - Green Day
238 Nazi Punks F***off - Dead Kennedys

A great band, but not their best

239 Wash Away - True Sounds of Liberty
240 The Hell Song - Sum 41

This song, according to me should be under to 20 at least!

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