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241 21 Guns - Green Day

Best song by Green Day but it is not purely punk rock rock its alternative rock so guys vote it in best alternative rock songs and boulevard of broken dreams is also alternative so vote it also

It means a lot more that what the lyrics say. Really great song.

I think it is a great punk rock. Thank you armstong for this music.

242 Monster - Skillet
243 Saviour - Skillet
244 Sick of This Place - Slapstick
245 Viva la Revolution - The Adicts
246 Working Class Hero - Green Day

Good cover on a classic

247 Pull My Strings - Dead Kennedys
248 Know Your Enemy - Green Day
249 Nazi Punks F***off - Dead Kennedys

A great band, but not their best

250 Wash Away - True Sounds of Liberty
251 The Hell Song - Sum 41

This song, according to me should be under to 20 at least!

252 When I'm Gone - Simple Plan

When I'm Gone is the best Punk Rock song I have ever heard

253 May 16th - Lagwagon

Quality song. Raw punk rock from the 90's, better than some crap that's above. Must be in the top 25.

254 Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

This is the greatest song. I'm the only person I know who likes punk music, but all my friends love this song too.

A great punk rock song but overshadowed thanks to My Chemical Romance's emo style! - micdanchris

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255 Beat On the Brat - The Ramones

The second song that Johnny Ramone wrote and he was already a genius. Also bands like Green Day and Blink 182 are not punk they are poser.

The second song Johnny Ramone ever written and he was already a musical genius.

256 Chain Saw - The Ramones
257 Chinese Rock - The Ramones
258 Indian Giver - The Ramones
259 Outsider - The Ramones
260 Havana Affair - The Ramones
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