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21 I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges

I think the Stooges where the first band to play music that we would recognise as punk now in the late 60's. The first punk ad to be him Morrison of the doors, what a guy, recognized by Iggy as a massive influence!

1969, brill, anyone who hasn't heard this album have a listen. Fairplay to everyone who put Green Day up. Punk was about being yourself and having fun!

Iggy Pop's masterpiece from 1969 (! ), being way ahead of its time. He was one of the pioneers when it comes to punk music. - Gulf5

If you listen to no fun by the stooges I think you quickly realise how poor the Pistols version is.

The Pistols version kicks the crap out of the Stooges version! Unlike you, I like both, but the Pistols version is much more raw and well, fun. - shawnwalker

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22 Nervous Breakdown - Black Flag V 1 Comment
23 Self Esteem - The Offspring

This song starts a new era for the punk-rock. Awesome!

The Offspring is the best punk rock band ever, here on this list is missing musics from them, but I can say just one to beat every other listed here: The Kids Aren't Alright.

WHAT!? There need to be more songs by The Offspring at the high end of this list.

It should enter the top ten..
why is it in number 23..?!

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24 Story of My Life - Social Distortion

One of the greatest songs written. Backed up by great music.

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25 The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring

If we're talking best PUNK rock songs, the offspring should be in the top 10!

The offspring should at least be in the top 5!

Their riff and why they wrote song is enough for top 5.

Great intro, Great solo, and especially Great lyrics. I'm happy that they wrote a song about reality, this song may be depressing but it's the truth. #TheOffspring.

I recommend this song to any guitarists who's looking for a challenging and great song.

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26 Brain Stew - Green Day

That's because boulevard and 21 guns aren't even punk rock at all

This songs is way more punk than Boulevard of Broken Dreams or 21 Guns.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams and 21 Guns is mainly alternative rock - zxm

My fave guitar riff of all time #AMERICANIDIOTSUCKS

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27 Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies

Great song reflecting true life - sextysex

All I wanted wasa pepsi just ONE PEPSI and she says NO you're on drugs and I'm like MOM I just thinking NO you're ON DRUGS

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28 Judy Is a Punk - The Ramones V 1 Comment
29 Neat Neat Neat - The Damned

No argument - ever

Definitely top 20 - Cyrobian

The opener for the first punk rock album in the UK. Can't get any more classic than that.


30 Rise Above - Black Flag

This needs to be higher meine friends
- Rassta-Blassta

This song lasted for so long and is still riot worthy!

Black flag for the win!

By the way, I don't think sellouts like Green Day should be in this list

Makes you wanna punch someone

RISE ABOVE... Green Day, Sum 41, and Blink-182

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31 So What - Anti-Nowhere League
32 New Rose - The Damned

It's generally regarded as the first British Punk-Rock-Single (released 22/10/76) and remains a timeless classic, therefore belongs in Top 5. What's wrong with the people who vote for this lists?

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33 New Noise - Refused

For New Noise to not even be in the Top 10 is a tragedy.

34 Blood-Red White & Blue - Rise Against
35 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Green Day has few songs down the list but apart from Basket Case, Longview and Welcome to Paradise, there more of Green Day's alt rock style! This song however is a mix of both styles and I love it! Jesus of Suburbia is the Stairway to Heaven of Punk Rock! - micdanchris

Annoying how to best songs are put at the worst place. Green Day all the way!

This song is the anthem of my life. Could listen to it all day.

This is a musical masterpiece. The Bohemian Rhapsody of punk rock. - Skymoon22

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36 I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys

This is truly an epic song. It's so awesome and the band has such a unique sound. It's like Irish pirate music with electric guitars and drums!

37 Clash City Rockers - The Clash
38 God Save Us All - Sum 41
39 Only One - Yellowcard

This song is simply the best. It's a great love song my ex and I listen to. - airscene

This should have been the No.1 Song of All genres and of all time!

40 Rock the Casbah - The Clash

Shocked there isn't more Clash in the top 10. Rock the Casbah is a masterpiece.

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