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1 Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody Cover Art

I gotta say that this song has it all! No band has ever came close to touching Queen.. EVER! I would pick any Queen song over anyone else. For the Top Ten Rock Bands list in this site... Really Metallica over Queen----WHAT A JOKE! Metallica doesn't even come anywhere close to Queen.

This comment must have been posted awhile ago, because last time I checked, Metallica was a few spots behind Queen. Both are very beloved on this site.

The crowd goes insane every time Freddie Mercury starts off the song. I love this song a lot, but my favorite is Somebody to Love.

2 Radio Ga Ga Radio Ga Ga Cover Art

I love when the crowd claps their hands every time the verse of the song Radio Ga Ga comes in and during the whole song the audience can't stop clapping their hands and I think this song is their best performance ever because if you can get the crowd to cheer along to your song while saying Radio Ga Ga every time the crowds starts clapping that is amazing and genii, and remarkable, plus fascinating.

"And all of the crowd just raises their hands, starts clapping at the beats, and the rest is history. "
Yeah, I made that up. But I still love Queen. You should see this live at Wembley, July 11th, 1986, during the Magic Tour.

Bit surprised this isn't #1, since Bohemian Rhapsody doesn't work as well live.

Agreed. Bohemian Rhapsody gets the best crowd reaction, but since it's so hard to do live, the operatic part is pre-recorded, which is slightly disappointing. For good reason, but still.

Because of the iconic clap-clap...

3 We Will Rock You We Will Rock You Cover Art
4 Another One Bites the Dust Another One Bites the Dust Cover Art

Great Tune Great Beat Great Singing

Great song played live

5 We are the Champions We are the Champions Cover Art

This wins!
Borhap might be the most famous but that does not make it the best live.
This one is great live and Freddie always has insane power when performing this one. Its great in london 1979.

6 Now I'm Here

Now I'm here is easy enough to sing, so Freddie nails it every time. It gets quite similar to the studio version every time.

Live versions of this song are always killer.

7 Don't Stop Me Now Don't Stop Me Now Cover Art
8 The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On Cover Art

I think it wasn't performed live.

9 Somebody to Love Somebody to Love Cover Art

It's the best check the '81 montreal live its just the bass freddie's voice brian's backing voice with the solo and especially rogers drum with the insane high backing vocal just check their live in the montreal 81' now

If any of you have not watched Freddie sing this song live, take a look at the 1981 Montreal concert, and the 1982 concert at The Milton Keynes Bowl! Most people count Montreal as the best version, probably because technically, the video quality is top-notch; but I LOVE the version The Bowl... You'll understand when you hear his BEAUTIFUL improvisation at the beginning.

Although Bohemian Rhapsody is obviously in a class by itself and the songs with the crowd interaction are awesome, I really think Somebody To Love should be way UP near the top!

Best best best best best
The best live performance of queen I ever heard

10 One Vision

They started live aid with this!

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11 Under Pressure Under Pressure Cover Art

They're ALL the best songs! Any Queen song ROCKS! But, since Under Pressure was my first introduction to the greatest band on the planet, I'll have to go with that as the best, although I would take Any Queen song over everyone else in the world! Particularly their lesser known gems! They are a treasure trove of ecstasy! If only people knew them for those favored by avid Queen fans, rather than just their 'hits'! Their hits are great, but the eclectic variety of their repertoire is absolutely astounding! Queen shines above everyone else and blows them clear out of the water with their versatility and range.
Their shows were not a rehash of their songs, but a theatrical event. Freddie's magic captured every soul in the audience and had them all in the palm of his hands. A genius like no other, before, since, or ever again!

The thing I like most about queen is that they are unique. Hearing this song live is captivating

This is it. It's hard to do Bohemian Rhspsody live. This is the one song where all the instruments could be playing at the same time, so musically this is the best live song. Mercury also always gave a great vocal performance if this song, even when he had problems with his voice (SNL in 1982). It's also probably their second best song behind Bohemian Rhapsody. But I'm biased and everyone has their own favorite. Radio Ga Ga is also great live.

Long Live Queen! Long Live the King of Queen!

12 Love of My Life Love of My Life Cover Art

How can this not be higher? Just listen to the live version from Argentina or Brazil, the whole crowd joins in to sing and it is beautiful.

There are few things as BEAUTIFUL as watching Freddie direct 1000s of fans, all singing this love ballad a capella, together! It always makes me teary eyed to watch, it's so lovely.

The way Freddie was singing it was amazing.

13 I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free Cover Art
14 Hammer to Fall

13? This song is played better live, if you ask me, and that's saying a lot, because the studio version is one of my favorite Queen songs.

Watch the video of this song performed at Live Aid. It will blow your mind! One of the best performances ever!

Really good song and well peformed live.

15 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Called Love Cover Art
16 Who Wants to Live Forever Who Wants to Live Forever Cover Art

Freddie sang it with his heart!

17 Killer Queen Killer Queen Cover Art
18 In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited Cover Art

It is so amazing and cool to see a whole stadium going, "Whoa, Whoa La La" in synch with Queen. Unbeatable, along with Tie Your Mother Down and of course Radio Gaga. But Bohemian Rhapsody is always number 1!

Everyone just starts up and starts screaming once the part comes: "WHOA WHOA LA LA LA"

19 I Want It All I Want It All Cover Art
20 You're My Best Friend
21 Keep Yourself Alive Keep Yourself Alive Cover Art
22 Innuendo

Never played it live :(

23 The March of the Black Queen
24 These Are the Days of Our Lives These Are the Days of Our Lives Cover Art
25 Tie Your Mother Down
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