room 101: "love" on Facebook

gemcloben Yep, that's right, room 101 is back! And today, we shall talk about "love". I have nothing against love, that's obvious, it's just natural. But when people over exaggerate, that's when love, becomes " love". Yes, everyone falls in love at least once in their life, but when the share it with everyone, it just becomes forced and false. And, we also don't need all of this on Facebook as well.

OK then, first, we talk about love on social media. Well, there is 3 things we can talk about on this subject. We can talk about those who talk about their partner all the time, those who meet online and those who put quotes about love. I will talk about them all on this post. Enjoy!

First, those who meet on Facebook. They meet and see a picture of a girl in a bikini who looks hot so they automatically assume it is a hot "girl" in her "20's". For all you know, it may be a 50 year old pedophile. This is unlikely, yet how do we know? We can not go with our instinct and just believe that. And even if it is legit, we know nothing about their personality and they can be misinterpreted for their online persona. We can just go by this lack of evidence!

Now those who constantly talk about it on Facebook. There are those who put many quotes about it on Facebook and think they will become famous and the quotes will go down in time as some of the greatest of all time. Most of these are 10 year olds who knows nothing about it and are single. They use the excuse they are looking for " the one ".

Now, we come to those who actually are in a relationship! But does that make it more acceptable? No! Of course not! They put on about how much they love their partner, but they only do it because they think that they are covering up their bad relationship. It just makes it more obvious.

So, of you haven't read my room 101 posts before, this is how it works. You write in the comments if you agree or disagree and give reasons! I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the rest of your day! Next on room 101: music.


I agree a lot. Love is Great, but facebook love is just stupid. I have facebook, but I know all of my 79 facebook friends . And as for people expressing their love too much... just watch the modern film version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio. - IronSabbathPriest

That movie was terrible. We had to watch it in school. - Turkeyasylum

The more facts about your life you put online, the worse your actual social skills become. - PositronWildhawk

I agree with this. I wouldn't say I'm markedly different in person, but the "real me" only comes through in messaging. There are fewer than ten people on this site who know about my personal life beyond what's on my profile page. - PetSounds