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1 Stargazer

The ultimate epic rock track. Blackmore-Dio-Powell-Bain-Carey on top of their game. A masterpiece!

Those vocals and guitars are beyond amazing! - Userguy44

Oh my... what a song...

The best Rainbow song, the best song Dio ever sung. Sometimes I feel this is the best song ever made by anyone.

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2 The Temple of the King

C'mon man this songs got to be on the list... I mean its an incredible song

This song is nc, w/ their song of heavy metal/hard rock

This song makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale

Dio was the best singer of Rainbow.
Dio is one of the best singers ever!

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3 Gates of Babylon

The guitar solo, second to none.

great song jeje one of my personal top ten

A stand out track from Long Live Rock and Roll.

My personal No. 1, makes me groove every time I listen to it, so powerful, so craftly-arranged, I love the lyrics especially the last lines.

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4 Man on the Silver Mountain

It made me what I am today a millionaire thank you Richie and the guys p

Can’t help but always sing along to this one. - Userguy44

great work from blackmore. intro looks like "smoke on the water" but it's still good

Come down with fire lift my spirit hire love it

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5 Catch the Rainbow

amazing song... it just takes you away

undisputed - bulutsuzluk

Pure romance! Something to dream. Shows the variety of the band.

Great solo of Blackmore

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6 A Light in the Black

Nest track on the best Rainbow album. Cozy Powell’s drum performance is relentless!

So this song is right after Stargazer on Rising so maybe that's why it's so underrated nut If Stargazer is number 1 then this should certainly be number 2

This song is amazing and Blackmore was diabolic with his strat! Great music.

Stargazer gets all the plaudits but A Light in the Black is the best song on Rising and by Rainbow by far. This is the track everyone wants to hear should Ritchie do any other shows with Rainbow in 2017. We can but dream.

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7 Rainbow Eyes

This is the best song I've ever heard in my life
Long live Dio, RIP

This melody from Ritchie is so beautiful and unique that is almost transcendental. It's like a music message from the center of the Universe. And Dio earned the nickname Mr. Golden Voice for a reason. - Metal_Treasure

Haha, the song sample is wrong - it's not Rainbow Eyes, it's Stone Cold. - Metal_Treasure

Just majestic to your ears.

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8 Kill the King

Dio sang his ass off. The heart and soul of rainbow in my opinion. the greatest singer ever with the greatest band ever

What? One of the best song in the history of rock should be 1st at least 2nd this solo rules and the last of the song is a masterpiece

Ahh I could never go that fast

Second best rainbow song. Solo is absolutely magical, each step getting faster and faster, more technical than the last.

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9 Long Live Rock 'N Roll

Love this one. Especially singing by dio and the great riffs that are in there. Also love starstruck and the 1977 munich edition of man on a silver mountain. Great rock band with all top of their league musicians!

Very underrated rock anthem. Most catchiest in my opinion among all the hard rock and metal anthems.

It's an anthem! You just want to scream the chorus out

One of the best rock songs ever in my personal top 30! Jed -I.

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10 Street of Dreams

Incredible song and the list itself is really good. This is the first list of top ten that is almost perfect. I would probably just change the orders a bit. - metalmaiden


Those days gone but rainbow still rocking in my heart.

One of the Best songs ever by this band.

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11 Starstruck

Such a groovy funky song. It just makes you want to move and shake. One of the best off 'Rising' - Paragon_Pariah37

12 Since You Been Gone

Definitely the best song by rainbow. Great lyrics, great vocals, great guitar, great drums, great backing vocals, great everything.

Great song, one of the 6 best by Rainbow in my opinion, especially good chorus and catchy guitar riff and keyboards. Definitely the best song not by Dio era Rainbow. I love it, makes me sing along every time I'm listening!

Come on! This song should be number 1 not number 9 great singing guitar drums bass really good tune the drums and guitar before the main singing is amazing

Needs to be number 1 so good it's there best song by miles should not be way done at 10 great guitar and durms

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13 Lady of the Lake

Very underrated song like all the songs on llrnr

Rock expression of love

14 Stone Cold

Excellent song I love it

By far their best song

The begining of the song is so powerfull. I play it every time I roll my funnycar out of the trailer at the drag strip! "POWER METAL"

One of my all time favorite songs!

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15 Tarot Woman

Why the hell is this at number 50? The amazing keyboard intro to one of the best albums of all time, followed by a catchy riff and awesome lyrics and one hell of an underrated guitar solo. SURELY in the top 10?!

Epic intro, epic song. Of the same album as Stargazer,
Which is the best album by far.

What the hell is this epic song AT LAST? Come on guys!

No 17? Should be top 5. A stonker!

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16 L.A. Connection

So slow but so powerful. Their best song with stargazer and kill the king.

The last rainbow with dio single.

It sounds like Ronnie James solo stuff it has a great guitar riff some of reminds me of Vivian Campbell days.

17 Run with the Wolf

I love this song. It should be in the top 20

18 All Night Long

great song

All Night Long at 28? Definitely deserves better!

Fantastic song! Definitely top 10!

Another one that should be way up on the list.

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19 Lost in Hollywood
20 Jealous Lover

The best Rainbow song by a street mile

The best rainbow song ever

Top five hands down!

Great song, top 10 for sure

21 Death Alley Driver

The guitar solo is awesome. Blackmore was so inspired and diabolic. Great song!

Guitar solo is crazy

Great metal song with one of the best solos by R. Blackmore. - Metal_Treasure

Can't believe it's the 33rd. it is the best. yes of course not dio on the vocals but it's still sounds real wild. in a posetive way. and both the guitar and keyboard solo are hellla crazy. oh yeah!

22 Spotlight Kid

This songs guitar riff was copied bye iron maiden in the song aces high but they got all the praise this song is awesome!

The solo is neoclassical at its best! - RalphSaad

I agree the riff is a killer.
I'm not at all sure about 'Aces High' because I don't hear many similar things but here is an example of a very brutal rip off:
Dream Theater - Panic Attack, 2005 (intro and many times throughout the entire song).
Haha, the best part of this DT song is Ritchie's riff. - Metal_Treasure

Dudes whatever aces high panic attack
Alcatrazz's "Jet to Jet" (1983) that's what a TOTAL RIP OFF IS
(by the way it's sung by Graham Bonnet)

23 Can't Let You Go

Not even in the Top 10? What this is definitely top 3. Come on people!

That must be their best


Every time I listen to this song, I miss dio like hell.

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24 Eyes of the World

This is the first symphonic power metal song - no symphonic orchestra but symphonic vibe from start to finish. Amazing epic song. - Metal_Treasure

Simply the best song of rainbow this will be the numeber 1

Stargazer -best,then babylone,then eyes of the world-one of greatest song ever written in rock

25 Sensitive to Light
26 Do You Close Your Eyes
27 Shed (Subtle)
28 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

Insanely good song. You feel dio’s and blackmores passion on the matter. Maybe the greatest song they made.

Love the epic sound and the general feel of the 70's that this song brings.

The live version is great. The studio version is good too. It's only been an hour...

29 I Surrender

Great song. This song need to be at least no. 10.
It's a beautiful song and people should vote for it because this song must to be in the top ten. This song is a pure classic from a pure band, and Ritchie Blackmore rules!

The best

Never mind 10th how about 5th

This is my no. 1

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30 Can't Happen Here

Great song should be top 10

31 Self Portrait

I have no idea why or how this song is so low down, down, down, down! The smooth groove and brilliance of this song are criminally underrated - gravy

32 Tite Squeeze
33 Eyes of Fire

A melodic metal song that sounds pretty epic (1982). - Metal_Treasure

Is this true? Stargazer one and this 44?

34 Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the mountain king rocks, dude have you heard the guitar and the keyboard together, I reckon the drummer almost had a heart attack he was playing so fast

What the hell this has 0.5% percent of the vote that means this should be up at 20th at least. This song totally rocks man it's the fastest rainbow song by far!

Awesome song from stranger in us all and is one of the fastest.

Great metal song from the last Rainbow album (1995). - Metal_Treasure

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35 Black Sheep of the Family

One reason. If Deep Purple did not refuse to record this, Blackmore would never have gone into the studio with Dio to do so.

This one song, started it all.

Cool song

36 Miss Mistreated

The bast maby a god on this earth

37 Tearin' Out My Heart
38 Fire Dance

This song is pure power metal before Heloween! - Metal_Treasure

39 Ariel

Amazing song.

Great power ballad - heavy and melodic at the same time. The riff itself is a metal riff. Doogie White - great vocals (very underrated singer). - Metal_Treasure

One of my favorites ;) Top 5 easily - Fakol

40 Bad Girl
41 Difficult to Cure

Amazing - Beethoven went metal! - Metal_Treasure

42 If You Don't Like Rock 'N Roll
43 Still I'm Sad

Just listen to this song on the "On stage" album and you'll be pleased, if not surprised! With that lyrics it's undoubtedly Rainbow's top-3!

One of the top 5 at least!

44 Black Masquerade
45 Snowman

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE?!?! I BET no one's really listened to this. Without a doubt one of the most underrated song of not only rainbow but of all time. This song takes me away to a completely different world. Amazing song and even more amazing that it's so underrated. I guarantee when you listen to this song you'll agree with me.

It may be Mellow, but a song doesn't have to be crazy, fast, with yells & screams to be good, hell my Neighbors can do that, and THEY're not on here. Heavy metal is great at loud, fast pounding music, but they are also masters at the other end as well - time to appreciate it. Everything needs balance.

Magical - takes you to another world. - Metal_Treasure

46 Weiss Heim
47 Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time)

One of the most beautiful pieces I've ever heard. - Metal_Treasure

48 Drinking with the Devil
49 Love's No Friend

Very underrated slow-burning bluesy number with great vocals and Blackmore as masterful as ever

50 Make Your Move
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