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61 Self Portrait

I have no idea why or how this song is so low down, down, down, down! The smooth groove and brilliance of this song are criminally underrated - gravy

62 Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the mountain king rocks, dude have you heard the guitar and the keyboard together, I reckon the drummer almost had a heart attack he was playing so fast

What the hell this has 0.5% percent of the vote that means this should be up at 20th at least. This song totally rocks man it's the fastest rainbow song by far!

Awesome song from stranger in us all and is one of the fastest.

Great metal song from the last Rainbow album (1995). - Metal_Treasure

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63 Snake Charmer
64 Midtown Tunnel Vision
65 L.A. Connection

So slow but so powerful. Their best song with stargazer and kill the king.

It sounds like Ronnie James solo stuff it has a great guitar riff some of reminds me of Vivian Campbell days.

The last rainbow with dio single.

66 Hunting Humans

This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard. There's an amazing dialoque between vocals and guitars. - Metal_Treasure

67 No Time to Lose
68 Freedom Fighter
69 Bring on the Night (Dream Chaser)
70 Power
71 Rock Fever
72 Silence

Smashing riff - no surprise, Ritchie is the greatest riffmaster ever. - Metal_Treasure

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