The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem


The MMLP is a classic album and cannot be beaten so the fact that Illmatic is above this is very hard to believe. Illmatic may be a great album but it comes no where near the quality of the MMLP. These are reasons why:

1) Originality- Nas talks about living in the ghetto which is a topic that NWA and other rappers have already rapped about. But no one has heard of a WHITE guy growing up in a ghetto.

2) Rhymes- Eminem's vocabulary is considered to be the best out of any artist. It's amazing that he had never even passed grade 9 and he still can rhyme using words some people couldn't even say.

3) Emotion- Nas tells a story in a way that you can picture his life. Eminem tells his in a way that makes you truly feel like you lived it. He's just so powerful.

4) Humour- Not all songs need to be serious to be fantastic songs and Eminem proves that with amazing songs like "The Real Slim Shady, "My Name Is" and "Under The Influence"

5) Rap Speed- Lets see Nas ...more

No need to even look at the rest of this list. I have yet to hear another rapper even hold a candle to Eminem's epic level of talent. I don't care about how fast this or that dude can spit lyrics, the faster the goofier in my opinion. Eminem has achieved a perfect level of balance of speed, rhythm and ridiculously clever lyrics. The fact that he is white only adds to my respect BECAUSE it is so much harder for a white rapper to get respect and recognition AS a rapper. He earned it, he deserves it. #1 forever!

Illmatic is great. Agreed. But MMLP is better than Illmatic. I Love Nas and he is one of my favourite rapper too. I am a rap head and I am neither white nor black. Eminem is the best rapper and mmlp is surely his best work till now. We can find his aggression, passion, cool attitude, anger and even comedy in this incredible album. The way I am is one of the best hardcore song ever.Stan is one of the best story telling song ever. Kill you is one of the best illest song and we can see so much anger in Kim. In Marshall Mathers, he explains his family situation calmly and there is great comedy (may be dirty) in I'm back, The Real Slim Shady and The Kids. What I mean is there is so much in this album that it surely deserves to be number 1.

Illmatic is a DAMN GOOD album. It cannot in a million years hold a CANDLE to any of Em's first 3 mainstream albums. Comes close to MMLP 2 or even Recovery, for that matter. The only others that can be compared to Em's 3 album streak are

The Chronic
Straight Outta Compton
Get Rich or Die Tryin
Ready to Die
All Eyez on Me
Jay Z's Black Album

Then, on the second tier of rap greatness, put

Enter the Wu Tang
Reasonable Doubt
Life After Death

That is all the truly great (Like history books great) albums ever made.

If you want to just talk about who is the best lyricist, when I say that I mean who is the best at putting words together and being a great lyricist, Eminem takes the cake. Of course there are other factors that might put other ahead as the best rapper but lyrically, Eminem is the greatest of all time and this, along with the Eminem Show, is the evidence

I love Illmatic but this album is an absolute masterpiece. If I had to choose one album to represent hip hop, I would choose Illmatic. It's because of the street vibes the album gives. Em's album is more personal, just for himself. But both are equally rich lyrically. Both rappers are at their prime. But Eminem's flow, the ease at which he kills every track, with prefect production and the replayability makes it better than Illmatic, best hip hop has ever seen

Sometimes I want him to retire because I'm so nostalgic for his old stuff, but I still respect him. Honestly, for better or worse, he was the voice of my generation and the realest image we had/have of a white kid who loved and was influenced by hip hop as much as us.

I can see why illmatic has the edge over the mmlp, but this album is a masterpiece. I have been listening to hip hop for ages, and I'm not one of those people that say Eminem is the only good rapper ever and so on, but I have listened to several great artists and I can say that I have never heard anything more skilled and artistic than this album in any music genre. And this IS my opinion but there is no doubt this album is a work of art

A vivid vision into a troubled man's psychosis, backed by irresistible beats and larger-than-life hooks... It's not about the color, it's all about Eminem's devotion to his art and his undeniable talent he put out on this record... he will never sound as good again, trust me!

Eminem is just the best rapper hip-hop will ever see he brings so much emotion and gives so much inspiration, he has so much levels to his music in like every other rapper that keeps it the same love Eminem!

The only rap albums that compare are all eyez on me, the 7 day theory, ready to die, me against the world, life after death, the Eminem show, the slim shady lp. Yeah you read that right all those amazing albums and the Marshall mathers lp crushes them all.

Slim Shady's 3rd studio album, like The Slim Shady LP, crazy lyrics, offensive lyrics, sad lyrics, funny lyrics, you can say the song Kim is bad, but the lyrics and emotion are amazing in my opinion, probably the best rap album of the 2000s

Fantastic album, classic, full of humor, wit, edginess, emotion, rawness. The complete album. Probably just edges The Eminem Show for me.

Way too high. This album is adored by Trump voters and is a good album, but no way in hell is it better than Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, All Eyez On Me, Late Registration or Dark Twisted Fantasy, Doggystyle

Eminem is, no doubt the most talented lyricist to this date. This guy is not worried about what other people think and speaks what he wants to, from outrageous violent songs to personal songs. Best best best!

One word: Classic. The emotion in it matched with the lyrics creates an epic album that can be listened to on repeat forever and not get old.

Real slim shady, stan, the way I am need more?

I think that all of his albums are so meaningful and emotional that he could make any song good Eminem all the way

You people are restarted and if you think this is the best album listen to illmatic, Reasonable doubt, The infamous, the chronic, Ready to die, Me against the world and many more.

Heard the illmatic, actually, listened to all the other albums here, no album manages to match this album song to song. on this album, each jam is special

One of the most creative and lyrical rap albums of all times. Still today, it's a classic! Wonderful songs like "Stan", "The Way I Am", "The Real Slim Shady".

Best rapper of all time, classic album which is unbeatable. But I'm wondering why recovery isn't here? Recovery has some of the best rap of all time and puts the crap aside.

To me Hip Hop is about Lyricism, beat and flow. Em is a master of wordplay a modern day Shakespeare and not a single word is wasted in any song of this masterpiece. Dr Dre is the best producer of all time and he produced this album giving it one of the best beats ever. Ems flow is unique and changes in each song so that's up to y'all opinions. Nas is good but Em inspired a generation and even if he's fallen off a bit nowadays he's still the greatest rapper of all time

All 10 artists on this list delivered albums worthy of number 1. Eminem gets the nod with creativity never seen in rap before his arrival.

If anything the top spot for best album of all time goes to the top rapper of all time's best album - Brilliant