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181 Untitled Unmastered. - Kendrick Lamar
182 B4. Da.$$ - Joey Bada$$

This album is refreshing with political lyrics and great Beats Paper Trail$ is one of the best songs of the last decade

183 Exmilitary - Death Grips
184 4 Your Eyez Only - J. Cole

J cole talks about the experiences his friend went through as a drug dealer.

Instant classic! 'i wanna fold clothes for ya! '

185 Constant Energy Struggles - Ces Cru
186 Life Goes On - Trae
187 Blackout! - Method Man & Redman
188 Bridge - Grandmaster Flash
189 Camp - Childish Gambino

I didn't like it at first but it really grew on me after a while, everything is good except "Heartbeat" that song sucks and is way too pop

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190 The Last Chair Violinist - South Park Mexican

South park Mexican is a poet. Not only one the greatest Mexican rappers but one of the greatest rappers period. He is extremely underrated (probably due to the fact that he is not African-American) FREE SPM!

191 Great Adventures of Slick Rick - Slick Rick
192 Full Clip - Gang Starr

A decade of hits made by the lyrical genuis guru and best producer of all time dj premier - QB

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193 The Fix - Scarface V 1 Comment
194 Overly Dedicated - Kendrick Lamar

Even though it's a mixtape it's better than albums higher on this list

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195 Wu-Tang Forever - Wu-Tang Clan

HOW IS THIS SO LOW?!? Hands down greatest hip hop album of all time ever. Not just the production, the flow from track to track (continuation), the lyricism, the message(s), the personality, the vibe... it has everything.

I agree this is a good album but honestly, you choose this over 36 chambers? Really... - Totalbeasto001

196 Oxymoron - School Boy Q

Easily one of the best albums of the 21st century, no other words needed.

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197 It's On 187um Killa - Eazy-E V 2 Comments
198 Long.Live.A$ap - A$AP Rocky

Great debut album should be higher

This is top notch, how is it all the way down here? But the real question, where is Live. Love. A $AP?

199 Goblin - Tyler the Creator
200 Real Brothas - B. G Knocc Out & Dresta

One of the most underrated G-Funk albums of all time, no joke

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