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281 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz

This list just lost all credibility..

This album is actually hot not lyrically but the sound is nice

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282 Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer - Kanye West
283 All I Feel - Ray J
284 - Soulja Boy

Somebody voted this album above 2pacalypse Now and Long Live ASAP? You People have no taste.

Really? I can't even stand 1 second of this guy

How can this 'album' vet a higher score than MosDef - Black On Both Sides, A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders, and Method Man and Redman Blackout? Mos definitely will beat you with his lyrics, Q-Tip outsmarts Soulja, and Meth and Red will smoke this kid
What the GZA said: "F*** Soulja Boy"

285 For the Love of Ray J - Ray J
286 Bastard - Tyler the Creator
287 Liar & A Thief - Diabolic V 1 Comment
288 Real Brothas - BG Knocc Out & Gangsta Dresta
289 Absolute Power - Tech N9ne
290 Pesimist Ep 6 - Sagopa Kajmer
291 God vs. Satan - Jakki da Motamouth
292 Follow the Leader - Korn

To reasons why it's on here, check out All in the Family or Children of the Korn on the album.

293 Desi Kalakaar - Yo Yo Honey Singh
294 Pound Syndrome - Hopsin
295 To the 5 Boroughs - Beastie Boys
296 Supreme Clientele - Ghostface Killah V 1 Comment
297 Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

214?!?! This album is a MASTERPIECE and should be in top 30!

This is one of the greatest I hate this list

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298 Whatever Happened? - Karson
299 Efil4zaggin-N.W.A

The lyrics aren't so good, but the production by Dre is classic.

300 No One Can Do It Better - The D.O.C.

Dope ass lyrics by D.O.C, dope beats by Dre.

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