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341 Aggro Berlin - Sido
342 Under Construction - Missy Elliott
343 This is Not a Test! - Missy Elliott
344 Distant Relatives - Nas and Damian Marley V 1 Comment
345 Southernunderground - Cunninlynguists
346 2Pacalypse Now - Tupac V 1 Comment
347 The Great Depression - DMX
348 N*****4life - N.W.A.

Come on bitches efil4aggin is awesome

349 Petites Victoires - Koriass
350 We Are Young Money - Young Money V 2 Comments
351 More Than a Game (Music Inspired by the Film) - Various Artists
352 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz

This list just lost all credibility..

This album is actually hot not lyrically but the sound is nice

V 2 Comments
353 Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer - Kanye West
354 All I Feel - Ray J
355 For the Love of Ray J - Ray J
356 Supreme Clientele - Ghostface Killah V 1 Comment
357 Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

214?!?! This album is a MASTERPIECE and should be in top 30!

This is one of the greatest I hate this list

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358 Born Sinner - J. Cole

This album is so underrated. People hate it because it wasn't as good as his first album. But they're some great songs like Let Nas Down, Power Trip, Crooked Smile, Is She Gon Pop, Runaway... And more. - NBA-Rap-Fan

Personally, I think this is Cole's best album... far better than Forrest HIlls Drive or Sideline Story... just listen to Rich N*****, Runaway, and Born Sinner and hopefully you'll be enlightened

200th!?! This is ridiculous. This album is nearly as good as 2014 FHD and I'd put that at top twenty. Born Sinner should be top 50. Minimum. Top 30 probably.

Should be top 20

V 2 Comments
359 The Heist - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I'll admit, in haven't listened to any other rap album in entirety, but this consists of beautiful songs like Starting Over, Same Love, Make The Money, Neon Cathedral, Wing$, Cowboy Boots, Can't Hold Us, Ten Thousand Hours, Jimmy Lovine, Thin Line, and A Wake...

Albeit, with my least favorites: White Walls, Gold, and Thrift Shop

So maybe it isn't the best, I have no clue, but it definitely deserves to be a little higher! - keycha1n

Thrift shop was super popular in 2010 or 2011 I can't remember - FerrariDude64

I'm satisfied with how low this is

360 Fetty Wap-Fetty Wap

Why is this here? One of the worst rap albums ever made

I want to die

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