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361 Infinite - Eminem

Eminem's first album ever.

Birth of a legend! Pay respect!

Best album in my opinion

Although most of the content on the album cannot compare to MMLP, SSLP and The Eminem Show, I think lyrically, there are some pretty amazing songs on this album.

Take the song "Infinite" for example. The beat is slightly lacking, but put that aside ain't listen to the lyrics:

"Aiyyo, my pen and paper cause a chain reaction
To get your brain relaxin', the zany actin' maniac in action
A brainiac in fact, son, you mainly lack attraction
You look insanely wack when just a fraction of my tracks run" - Eminem

Even if you don't know the rhythms, speak that out and listen to how intense the rhyme scheme is.

Also, this random underground artist that I've never heard on anything called Eye-Kyu else appears on "313", arguably the best song on the album. This is one of the few instances where Eminem has a guest artist and get's bested.

"Everything that you collaborate I lacerate
My rhymes they keep coming
Like ...more - Totalbeasto001

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362 Ghetto D - Master P
363 Magna Carta Holy Grail - Jay Z

Great album it's one of Jay Z's best

364 Relapse - Eminem

HUGELY underrated. The accent isn't even that bad, and the rhyming is insane.

I actually really love this album! Old Times Sake is such a great song off this album.

When Pink Friday Encore Macklemore The Carter Iv among others are above this masterpiece, we have a problem. Not number 1, but top 40 realistically and top 5 in my own biased opinion.

How is it underrated many people like it so d many people like Eminem well I don't he sounds like somebody mastiburting

365 Detox - Dr. Dre

He has even said this isn't coming out to please stop asking about it his final work was "compton" and what a great album that was it was very good

This list is officially stupid

This album hasn't even came out so I don't know why it's listed

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366 Tha Carter - Lil Wayne V 1 Comment
367 Encore - Eminem

I do like mockingbird and toy soldiers but apart from that, its cheesy the main tracks are just lose it and ass like that. Just not as good,

Disappointing given his last 3 bomb albums

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368 - Soulja Boy

Somebody voted this album above 2pacalypse Now and Long Live ASAP? You People have no taste.

Really? I can't even stand 1 second of this guy

How can this 'album' vet a higher score than MosDef - Black On Both Sides, A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders, and Method Man and Redman Blackout? Mos definitely will beat you with his lyrics, Q-Tip outsmarts Soulja, and Meth and Red will smoke this kid
What the GZA said: "F*** Soulja Boy"

369 Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj

Love Nicki Minaj.. Fly, Your Love, Moment 4 life, Super bass, Did it on em are one of the greatest rap songs

370 Tha Carter II - Lil Wayne

This is my #2 favorite album it's so underrated and so chilled with such a difference through the songs from hustler musik to fireman and shooter plus get over great album so dope it's a classic

Lil Wayne the best rapper in the world

Whoops. Thought it was the Carter III. - Lasvegasxavier

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371 Yeezus - Kanye West

Everyone loves Eminem but hates on Yeezy. Whose lyrics are more powerful?... Its close but its still Kanye. Which album was talked about more last year Yeezus or MMLP2. You think about that one

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372 Lupe Fiasco's Food Liquor - Lupe Fiasco

Great album. In my mind the best work of Lupe and I think at least top ten, maybe higher. He better not be retiring any time soon. I would be pretty upset.

How is this not even top 10

Most underrated

Easily on of the best rap albums to come up out in the 00s

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373 Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne

This is what led to the economic crash of 2008. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I love this album 2nd best Wayne album after carter 2 I really love nothing could stop Wayne in his prime

Lil Wayne at his best. For people who have just heard the singles like lollipop and got money and because of those songs thinks it's new school listen to the whole album and it will Surely be on your top

The best alive

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