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81 Step In the Arena - Gang Starr

A quintessential DJ Premier and Guru album. As a lyricist, Guru's rhymes are timeless, and DJ Premier's production is on point like always.

82 Field Notes - Sims
83 No Love Deep Web - Death Grips
84 Uneven Compromise - Lil Ugly Mane
85 The 3rd World - Immortal Technique
86 Man on the Moon: The End of Day - Kid Cudi

This album should be much higher on the list! The songs were meaningful and thoughtfully put together. I still remember sitting down and listening to the whole album like one would watch a movie. It's a piece of art.

This album is honestly so underrated front to back there is no bad track and it tells a story, has a message, and has kickass beats and flows. One of my favorite albums of all time and my favorite psychedelic rap album. Should be at least in the top 50!

Deep intrespective story. Sick flow. Real message. Meaningful lyrics. Great album

87 Strickly For My N***** - Tupac

keep ya head up, I get around, holla if ya hear me,

A true classic it is one of his most underrated albums with the song: papaz song, keep ya head up, last wordz, streets R death row and much more (in my opinion better then AEOM)

88 Donuts - J Dilla V 1 Comment
89 Things Fall Apart - The Roots

Truly a beautiful storyline. I wish people would appreciate this album more. Also the song things fall apart I have cried because of how much it is relatable.

90 Season 1 - Epic Rap Battles of History
91 The Predator - Ice Cube
92 Rebel Yellow - Cecil Otter
93 It's Dark and Hell is Hot (DMX)

Amazing album from the dog, really underrated to! People should respect his style more, amazing Hardcore-Rap, nice lyrics, flow, beats, gotta respect the dog!

DMX is still to this day the only artist of ANY genre to release two #1 solo albums in the same year. This album is at a minimum top 10 and brought rap back to the east coast.

Still my favorite rap album after all these years.

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94 Until the End of Time - 2Pac

Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side... poetry at its zenith...

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95 ATLiens - Outkast

Disrespectful to have this masterpiece so low. Have we forgotten about Outkast?

How is this 136th, should be top 10 easy!

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96 3 Feet High & Rising - de la Soul V 4 Comments
97 Born Again - The Notorious B.I.G.
98 Doe or Die - AZ

AZ is the most underrated artist of all time in my opinion. He has made some of the best hip hop tracks and albums of all time and he still isn't very popular. He also made one of the best hip hop verses of all time in Life's a Bitch. - TheMusicNerd

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99 I├žinde Patlar - Norm Ender V 2 Comments
100 The Life of Pablo - Kanye West

This album was VERY mediocre. There were great songs like No More Parties in LA, but then you had garbage like Famous. - WonkeyDude98

Kanye's best album so far.

Just the fusion of samples makes it amazing

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