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81 Live and Let Die - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
82 Field Notes - Sims
83 The 3rd World - Immortal Technique
84 Compton - Dr. Dre

A lot of Dre fans felt torn when this album came out. They don't approve of Compton because it's not like what Dre used to make. Let me get this out: I do not give a single damn how much Dre's music has changed. Compton is THE sickest album of 2015. This is coming from a fan of music, not a fan of Dre. We have legendary artists on board, all who took incredible advantage of their verses.

Kendrick Lamar just gave me chills every time he took the mic, and he's at his absolute greatest in Deep Water. Jon Connor undoubtedly tears the hell out of his verse in For the Love of Money. Ice Cube kill it in Issues. Eminem just lets everything out and destroys everything in Medicine Man. Then we got Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, The Game (who pretty much had his own song on the album but it bangs hard), Justus, BJ the Chicago Kid, Anderson.Paak, Candace Pillay, King Mez... man it's all-star cast on this SINGLE album!

What about Dre's music production? You can't deny it: the rhythms to this ...more - Mcgillacuddy

I don't know if it had the potential to be high up since it just came out, but come on when's the next time you're gonna have Dre, Em, Kendrick, Snoop, ice cube, the game and xzibit all on one album?.. Legendary.

The amount of great rappers on this album is incredible. Top to bottom one of the best albums in the last 10 years. Classic

Underrated - jack2244

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85 Man on the Moon: The End of Day - Kid Cudi

This album should be much higher on the list! The songs were meaningful and thoughtfully put together. I still remember sitting down and listening to the whole album like one would watch a movie. It's a piece of art.

This album is honestly so underrated front to back there is no bad track and it tells a story, has a message, and has kickass beats and flows. One of my favorite albums of all time and my favorite psychedelic rap album. Should be at least in the top 50!

Deep intrespective story. Sick flow. Real message. Meaningful lyrics. Great album

86 Damn - Kendrick Lamar

Very good. Debatable as to which is better, damn or to pimp a butterfly

Great on the first listen and then it gets better and better. There are levels to this...

Everybody in hip hop has been trying to catch up to Kanye for the last decade. Kendricks the only one to do it, and this album proves it. Nobody knew what to expect after TPAB, much less top it. With DAMN. He may have outdone himself, and everybody else along with it.

Just give it a couple years and this will be top of the list. - Sepron64

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87 ATLiens - Outkast

Disrespectful to have this masterpiece so low. Have we forgotten about Outkast?

How is this 136th, should be top 10 easy!

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88 Strickly For My N***** - Tupac

keep ya head up, I get around, holla if ya hear me,

A true classic it is one of his most underrated albums with the song: papaz song, keep ya head up, last wordz, streets R death row and much more (in my opinion better then AEOM)

89 Donuts - J Dilla

Most-imitated beatsmith for a reason.

90 Season 1 - Epic Rap Battles of History


91 The Predator - Ice Cube
92 Rebel Yellow - Cecil Otter
93 The Documentary - The Game

I just bought this album the other day and The Game absolutely kills it. He's got some awesome beats and clever lyrics. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a rap album.

In my opinion the best after illmatic. Probably the most underrated rap album of all time with great production from Dre.

Rise of the west coast... again.

94 Until the End of Time - 2Pac

Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side... poetry at its zenith...

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95 3 Feet High & Rising - de la Soul

Should be top 20 at least! - Hiphop101


Great rap album, and surprisingly optimistic as well.

This should be top 20 to be honest

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96 Doe or Die - AZ

AZ is the most underrated artist of all time in my opinion. He has made some of the best hip hop tracks and albums of all time and he still isn't very popular. He also made one of the best hip hop verses of all time in Life's a Bitch. - TheMusicNerd

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97 Take Care - Drake


should b in the top 5. The lyrical content, the love songs and the beats. Underrated just because he sings too. YOU rank 2 Chainz 100 places ahead of this guy! It's emotional and awesome

Should be in top 10. This has best lyrics and beats. A and people hate on drake because he sings. They don't know what music is

This should be higher it's drake's best album


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98 Cheers - Obie Trice

Haven't seen this album on any top lists. This album is unreal from start to finish

I copped this right when it came out, needs another listen.

Great album

99 I├žinde Patlar - Norm Ender

Norm Ender the best

The best every time

100 If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake

This has to be higher, drake exploded after this

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