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121 Walking Under Stars - Hilltop Hoods
122 Resurrection - Common
123 Master Xploder - Dope D.O.D.
124 Abominationz - Twiztid
125 Us - Brother Ali
126 The Coming - Busta Rhymes
127 Extinction Level Event - Busta Rhymes
128 17 - Xxxtentacion



129 Revival - Eminem

I think all of the songs in this album are gonna be like walk on water (SAD). I want funny Eminem back!

This is gonna be huge mark my word



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130 Acid Rap - Chance the Rapper

Great songs in the album but some of the songs are a let down. Best songs are Favorite song and Cocoa Butter Kisses

Should be top 15

131 The Documentary 2 - The Game

A great collection of beats and awesome lyrics.

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132 American Gangster - Jay-Z

Post retirement album named after the movie American Gangster is one of a kind, Keep making hit music.

133 Bir Pesimistin Gözyaşlari - Sagopa Kajmer
134 Atrocity Exhibition - Danny Brown

Best hip hop album of 2016 in my opinion

135 Revolutionary Vol. 1 - Immortal Technique

Great album! Not enough credit is given to real mc's like immortal technique! Wanna hear the truth? Peep this album

Immortal Technique is an amazing rapper who deserves more credit
He speaks truth about our world, ignore Lil Wayne and other rappers
Immortal speaks the truth with a dope hardcore beat, he also has an excellent flow.

136 Control System - Ab-Soul

I don't care what anyone says. This is one of the best albums I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. - TheMusicNerd

137 Raw Footage - Ice Cube

All original beats, good lyrics, combination between old style gangsta hip hop and modern music

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138 Watching Movies With the Sound Off - Mac Miller

Fantastic album. not as creative or deep as Faces but still solid

139 Because the Internet - Childish Gambino

Great album - texturally brilliant and a true work of musical art. Production quality is amazing.

Its unfair that all the top ones are just classics. Who says there can't be new classics. This is the greatest rap album of all time I don't care what anyone says. listening to it isn't even just like listen to an album its an experience and gambino is the goat.

The music wasn't enough, Gambino decided to throw a full screenplay along with this album!

This album is always on repeat at my house

140 Fetty Wap-Fetty Wap

Why is this here? One of the worst rap albums ever made

I want to die

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