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161 Atrocity Exhibition - Danny Brown

Best hip hop album of 2016 in my opinion

162 Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper
163 Critical Beatdown - Ultramagnetic McS
164 Evermore: Art of Duality - The Underachievers

Amazing beats, great lyrics, impeccable flow,... - Melvin_BigSmoke_Harris

165 Doctor's Advocate - The Game

Really this album is a credit to the streets and is probably the last gangsta rap album that has gotten up there

166 8 Mile Soundtrack

Em, nas, 50, all go hard here. Rabbit Run is one of the best Em songs ever

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167 Violent by Design - Jedi Mind Tricks

Heavily underrated album, Stoupe and Vinnie both produce some of the finest tracks of the decade, if not all time.

168 Earl - Earl Sweatshirt

This album is definitely top 10.
You're an idiot if you think 2Chainz is better than Earl.

This is the modern day Illmatic. This should most definitely be in the 50s

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169 Lace Up - Machine Gun Kelly

The website just lost its credibility for putting this album up here

This album might be the worst of all time

Machine gun kelly can eat a bad of dicks

170 Like Water for Chocolate - Common
171 Be - Common
172 Laugh Now, Cry Later - Ice Cube
173 A Piece of Strange - Cunninlynguists
174 The Massacre - 50 Cent V 1 Comment
175 Cole World: The Sideline Story - J. Cole

Great album. One of my favorites of all time it displays the art in J. Cole's story telling in a poetic way with catchy hooks and inspirational verses.

Amazing J cole album

176 Undun - The Roots V 1 Comment
177 Lethal Injection - Ice Cube

Best album in rap cube is a legend

178 Still Brazy - YG
179 Big Baby D.R.A.M. - D.R.A.M.
180 Untitled Unmastered. - Kendrick Lamar
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