Greatest Recording Studios of All Time


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1 Abbey Road Studios - London

Pink Floyd, the Beatles and more, the bands that did record there were awesome! GO ABBEY ROAD

The place where the Beatles record in studio #2. what eles needs to be said!

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2 Capitol Studios - Los Angeles

My former roomy is a studio drummer and I had a chance to visit the studio for a session he had, and although Capitol is the only top studio I visited, as a mechanical Engineer, those guys were very impressive. The finish product, amazing! 2 thumbs up!

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3 Music Land Studios - Munich, Germany

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Queen all recorded in this basement studio underneath this building people used to commit suicide off the top of. - I<3Queen

4 Trident Studios - London
5 Motown Hitsville U.S.A. Studios - Detroit

Like this is where good music was born I mean many great artists recorded here - ballaboi17

6 Atlantic Studios - New York

Tom Dowd original brain child, enough said!

7 Cherokee Studios - Los Angeles

I helped them build their studio out of a barn in Chatsworth. I was good friend of their father Dave. I printed their first chart for the board and was their business cards. At a later date they allowed me to bring young kids from Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald Inn to watch Rick Nelson and many others. This was something the the kids who all have passed away. I wonder what happened to Tommy at the ranch in C

Best sounding Console ever was the "A-Range" in studio 1 @ Cherokee Studios Hollywood! Note... Also the ugliest console ever... But it had a great sonic personality!

8 Criteria Studios - Miami

Oh yes, the great Tom Dowd was phenomenal. - mdp1970

9 Compass Point Studios - Nassau

Only studio in the world that came with there own genius. Or four, to be precise. Alex Sadkin, Chris Blackwell, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare.

10 Gold Star Studios - Los Angeles

The West Coast sound of the sixties! From Phil Spector to Herb Alpert to Sonny and Cher, they all happened there.

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? Little Mountain Sound Studios - Vancouver
? Kaye-Smith Studios - Seattle

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11 Sun Studios - Memphis

Umm. Elvis. Need I say more?

12 The Record Plant - Los Angeles
13 Olympic Studios - London
14 Metalworks - Toronto
15 Electric Lady Studios - New York

why isn't this in the top ten? - I<3Queen

16 Muscle Shoals Sound Studios - Muscle Shoals, Ala.

Swamped stones

17 Le Studio - Morin Heights, Qc.

« Le Studio » in Morin Heights, north of Montreal, with the God of sound engineering André Perry : a really nice and inspirational place for many top bands who recorded their albums up there (David Bowie, RUSH, the Police, etc., Pilot even named one of their albums "Morin Heights" in the 70's)

18 Caribou Ranch - Nederland, Colorado
19 Mountain Studios - Montreux, Ch.
20 Media Sound Studios - New York
21 Chess Studios - Chicago
22 Wally Heider Studios - Los Angeles
23 The Record Plant - Sausalito, Calif.
24 A&R Studios - New York
25 The Record Plant - New York
26 Columbia (CBS) Studios - San Francisco
27 Polar Music - Stockholm
28 RCA Studios - Los Angeles
29 Morgan Studios - London
30 Ocean Way Studios - Los Angeles
31 Sigma Sound Studios - Philadelphia
32 AIR Studios - London
33 Wally Heider Studios - San Francisco
34 Columbia (CBS) Studios - Nashville
35 The Automatt - San Francisco
36 Columbia (CBS) Studios - New York
37 Columbia (CBS) Studios - Los Angeles
38 RCA Studios - New York
39 RCA Studios - Nashville
40 Island Studios - London
41 Fame Studios - Muscle Shoals, Ala.
42 The Hit Factory - New York
43 Long View Farm - North Brookfield, Mass.
44 5150 Studios - Los Angeles
45 Bearsville Studios - New York
46 mSOUNd Recording Studios - Philadelphia
47 The Magic Shop - New York
48 Sea-Saint Studios - New Orleans
49 The Village Recorder - Los Angeles
50 Pathe-Marconi Studios - Paris
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