"Californication" Album Review

I've never really gotten into the Peppers that much. After first hearing them, I couldn't get enough. But, a day or two passed, and their music had already began to wear off on me, and, much more, I began to kind of detest them in some ways. I mean, their whole "California" image is great and all, but it does get to be an annoyance whenever that's what almost every single song is about. But, even though a lot of their songs are unoriginal and similar, they are, for the most part, still good songs. This is the only Peppers album that I own, as it is the only that I've ever listened to in it's entirety. It has kind of lost it's charm over the years, but I still enjoy listening to it from time to time.

"Around the World" starts off the album very well, giving one an idea on what the album will sound like. It's funky, upbeat, and unbelievably catchy. It's not a very strong track, but it is a decent song, and made me want to listen to it more than once, but no more than a few times.

"Parallel Universe" actually has one of my favorite choruses in rock, and stunned me the first time that I had listened to it. It's one of the only songs on the album that have not lost it's charm, and is still one of my favorite songs.

"Scar Tissue" will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was one of the first songs that I learned on guitar, and, well, it's just plain beautiful. It has some decent written lyrics, and it's very enjoyable all the way through.

"Otherside" is another one of my favorites on the album. It has surprisingly great lyrics for a Pepper's song, and it has a strong melancholy-like feel to it. It's dark and stunning, and really stands out from a lot of the other songs on the album.

"Get On Top" has a great and memorable opening few seconds, and is one of the catchiest songs on the album. Lyrically, it's obviously nothing special, but, like "Around the World," it's very funky and deserves multiple listens.

"Californiacation" is that one Pepper's song that almost everyone knows. It's lyrics are very well written, which was surprising to me, and it's just impossible to hate. You don't have to like this song, but I've never met one person that said they hated this track. It's a great song.

"Easily" is nothing too special, and is not as impressive as most of the songs above, but it is still a pretty good song. It warrants a few listens, but gets old fairly quickly.

"Porcelain" is another kind of dark and beautiful song, like "Otherside." It's a nice change of pace from a lot of the faster songs on the album, and is among my favorites from the band.

"Emit Remmus" is not a terrible song, but I can just never remember it. Every single time I listen to the song feels like the first time, because it's just not very memorable. To be fair, it does have a great chorus, though.

"I Like Dirt" is a pretty underrated track from the band. It's catchy, it's chorus is fantastic, and it's great all the way through. It's not an amazing song, but it is one that deserved more attention.

"This Velvet Glove" is, like "Emit Remmus," is not very memorable at all. It just doesn't fit well at all with the album.

"Savior" is, once again, another song that I rarely listen to. I just can't really say anything good about it, though, on the contrary, I can't name anything bad about the song either. It's an average track.

"Purple Stain" is another one that I not really worth mentioning.

"Right on Time" is a very fast paced song, and is another one of my favorites by the band. It kind of reminds me of "Rip This Joint," by the Rolling Stones. It doesn't waste any time at all getting to the song, and is great all the way through.

"Road Trippin'" is a great end to the album. It sums up the entire album perfectly, and left me satisfied.

While this album is nothing extraordinary, and the last few songs, save one or two, are unimportant, this is still a very enjoyable album. It does get old fairly quickly, as I can only listen to it once every few months, and not every song stands out, this album is a pretty good rock album.

7.8/10 - Pretty Good Album


I've never been able to get into RHCP except a couple songs. - PetSounds

Otherside is sampled by Macklemore. In my favorite song by him. I heard the RHCP version and thought it was pretty cool too. Might explore further. Most likely wont, I don't know. - keycha1n