Greatest Religious Figures of All Time

Vote for the religious figure who you think has influenced the world the most.

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1 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967) is an Indian guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, filmmaker, and convicted rapist. He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. more.

God is present on the Earth.

He is the greatest leader of world history

Guru ji is a Greatest true saint

Why is a rapist above someone who died for us? - Spicygarlic

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2 Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. He was born to Mary, as the bible says "she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). He was both man and God (John 20:28). According to the bible He is God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4). more.

Christ Is the Eternal Son Of God, and Saviour of the entire world. His Passion, Death, and Resurrection Has set us all free from sin and eternal damnation.

Why is a convicted rapist above the Son of God and Savior of the world?

Jesus of course. And FYI, he actually DOES exist. We don't need evidence to know He is real.

Why is God himself who made the Ultimate Sacrifice Number 2!

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3 Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arabian Prophet, best known as the central figure (And last prophet) of the Abrahamic religion of Islam and is amongst the most revered and important historical figures in the world.

He is the best human that ever lived and I don't say it as a muslim

True and biggest religion of future

The man with blessings

Peace be upon him...

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4 Buddha Buddha Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, or simply the Buddha, after the title of Buddha, was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

Great inspiration.. World peace

He gave scientific religion to the world.

Love your kindness

Gautam Buddha ne
" manav jati ke kalyan ka
sahi Marg bataya hai "
Buddha manav ko vidnyanvadi
Marg batate hai.
Buddha hame Lokshahi
jivan Marg batate hai.

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5 Moses Moses
6 Confucius Confucius Confucius was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. He is the founder of the religion with the same name as him. Confucius believed he was doing the Will of Ti'en (God or 'Heaven') by preaching ethics.
7 St. Paul St. Paul Paul the Apostle, commonly known as Saint Paul, and also known by his native name Saul of Tarsus was an apostle who taught the gospel of the Christ to the 1st-century world.

Greatest figurein christian religion

8 Abraham Abraham Abraham, originally Abram, is the first of the three biblical patriarchs. His story, told in chapters 11 through 25 of the Book of Genesis, plays a prominent role as an example of faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. According to the bible, God called upon him and told him 'through your son, Isaac, more.

Hugely important in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

9 Martin Luther Martin Luther Martin Luther was a German professor of theology, composer, priest, monk and a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation.
10 St. Peter

The Newcomers

? Zhuang Zhou

He created the modern Taoist philosophy, the successor of The Laozi.

? St. Joseph

If Mary is on this list why isn't Joseph

The Contenders

11 Guru Nanak Dev

He taught that all religion are same... We should not measure religion or god in percentage... God is one... Always be one...

Best religion in the young world

He says god is one

Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

12 Lord Krishna

Lord Krishana incarnation of God

Best god ever

13 The Knights Templar
14 Rampal

Jagatguru rampal maharaj is supreme power on the earth - Rajeev064

Great chyran

Jagatguru rampal maharaj is true sant present time in the world - Rajeev064

Jagatguru rampal maharaj is true sant on the earth - Rajeev064

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15 Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II
16 Virgin Mary

Mother Of the Eternal Son Of God. Greatest Saint of all time.

She is the Mother of Our Lord & God.

She is the Blessed Mother Of God.

And should not be prayed too as she was purely a normal human being...

She intercedes to her Son for us. She is a Great Advocate for all Christians. - clusium

17 Rama

Vishnu avatar Shri Ram

18 Thor
19 Satan Satan

Get him off this list or you can go to hell!



20 Mother Teresa Mother Teresa Mother Teresa also known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary. She was born on August 26th, 1910 and died September 5, 1997 On September 5th, 2016, Pope Francis Canonized Mother Teresa, making her St. Teresa of Calcutta.
21 Anne Frank Anne Frank Annelies Marie Frank was a German-born diarist. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, she gained fame posthumously with the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl in which she documents her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World more.

Why is Anne Frank on his list? She isn't a religious figure at all

As a victim of the Holocaust, she is a martyr for the Jewish religion. She even wrote in her diary that she believed in God. - clusium

She was a jew that died in Bergen-belson death camp

22 Zoroaster

One of the greatest humans in history, sadly all religions after him stole his teachings and sold them off as their own.

23 The Dalai Lama
24 Anton Lavey Anton Lavey Anton Szandor LaVey was an American author, musician and occultist, best known for forming the Church of Satan as well as the philosophy LaVeyan Satanism, a philosophy centered around individuality and "being your own god". It does not have anything to do with worshipping an actual Devil.

The best!

25 Bahá'u'lláh

Latest Manifestation of Creator!

26 Adi Shankara

The most influential expunder and consolidator of Advaita Vedanta.

27 Mahavira

Jainism is totally based on science

Follow Jainism you will know the true happiness of life that is
It's principle live and let live

It teaches that your soul is above
All and one attain Mukti

Even after 2600 years we believe in his thoughts and paths without any doubts. Many scients and lawers of other casts and religions wish to have their second birth in jain family. This shows the power of jainism. This dharm has no bar for any cast. It is always open for any body and every body who believe in AHINSA AND TRUTH.

28 St. John
29 St. Francis of Assisi
30 St. Gianna Beretta Molla
31 St. Thomas Aquinas
32 St. Maria Goretti
33 L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, often referred to by his initials LRH, was an American author and the founder of the Church of Scientology.
34 Joseph Smith

He was the founder and first prophet of the fastest growing Christian religion in the world!

35 Laozi
36 Odin Odin
37 Wotan
38 Brahma Baba

Brahma Baba, founding father of Brahma Kumaris, had series of divine visions and spiritual revelation
By Supreme soul, which transformed his Life. God Shiva, the Ocean of knowledge, gave precious jewels of knowledge through Brahma Baba (medium).
Brahma Baba became instrument of Almighty God for establishment of New Golden age.
This is the only true knowledge which leads to God and attainment of mukti (liberation).

This is reality of all knowledge...
Not imaginations...
Words of God Shiva...
That enable us to lead a blissful life...

Great Great Grand Father of HUMANITY and An Instrument of GOD Almighty Himself...

He is a all People's father

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