Greatest Robot Wars Robots of All Time

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1 Razer

Crap robot had problems

Tornado was no match for Razer. They met 5 times-Razer had two easy victories. Then that stupid cage came and although Razer destroyed Tornado's wheel weapon, the judges said Tornado won. The fourth match came and Razer lifted the cage but then dropped tornado. They shoved Tornado to the pit but the cage stopped them from falling in-This is against the rules- the pit was meant to be a way of beating ANY opponent but in the circumstance it wasn't big enough. Tornado took the title that day. The fifth match- Razer had a hook to carry tornado and dangle them over the pit vertically meaning they could be dropped in and they would fit. Razor's motor burn out on the way to the pit, but the judges gave the victory for Razer as they had truly overcome the cage problem, but Razer's team were fair and just and gave the victory away to Tornado as they were immobilised though the burned motor

To think by the Sixth wars, they won everything, and yet changed very little since the second wars, unlike the cheating Tornado who seems to changed their robot more times than the British weather, but too I love the fact that Tornado is so determined to fight for their country. Razer really though the best robot ever to be built, thanks Ian Lewis, Simon Scott and Vincent Blood for this chaotic beauty in demonic form

Clearly the best robot ever by a very long way! Also won 2 all stars championships I think! Tornado was its only real competition and only because they cheated with a stupid cage around the robot! Good idea but not cool and misses all the class that razor has!

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2 Chaos 2

Count me in! What a robot in the arena and won 2 SEASONS IN A ROW!? WOW just to good.Nver judge him,he's the best!

Chaos 2 might have only Lost 11 fights but as I remember correctly and these some of these fights: The "flipper frenzy", Unlucky Chaos 2 lost that especially after nearly flipping sgt bash out of the arena and then half a minute later rebounding off matildas flywheel and ended up being stuck against the wall. Against "cheats", (only because of the robot), Tornado beating them twice by Ramming them weaponless into the houserobots corner and in the first fight Tornado had technically lost under similar circumstances to Chaos 2's loss in the "flipper frenzy", (being stuck on a wall) and what did Refbot do did he leave Tornado, no he freed him. so Chaos 2 wasn't freed; but Tornado was freed. The fight against "Foreign opponents" what happened was George Francis, (Robot builder and controller) flipped a robot and then pressed reverse instead of forwards, (he admitted afterwards) and drove Chaos 2 into the pit. and finally "The Bigger Brother ...more

Robot wars would be so different without Chaos 2. There were many great fights. The best one against wild thing in S5 where it avoided the pit twice, another great one against Pussycat in S4 final, flipped firestorm out of the arena, flipped up shunt and matilda after flipping up hypnodisc, winning against x-terminator with a flipper problem and winning against killerhurz after shunt damaged the C02 fire extinguisher. It also flipped 6 robots out of the arena and had a good fight against every robot it faced. It was a brilliant robot to watch, my favorite by far and was a great.

Chaos 2 serves as a role model on the use of flippers in Robot Wars. A robot of many firsts. The first and only robot in Robot Wars history to have consecutively won and defended the UK Championship. Twice UK Champion. First robot to throw his opponent out of the arena. His predecessor, Chaos, was the first and only robot to defeat Dead Metal in the Tug of War trial.

Chaos was truly what Chaos 2's opponents experienced whenever they collided. An excellent driver, George Francis, a pioneer in Robot Wars. Had he made improvements to Chaos 2 or introduced Chaos 3 or 4 in the following series, he would've snagged more championships under his belt.

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3 Hypno-Disc

It may have not won a wars, but when ever it worked, Hypno-Disc dominated. It even got to the point where everyone ganged up on Hypno-Disc due to how powerful it was. If Hypno-Disc had not been suffering any problems, it would have beat Chaos 2.

Sure, Chaos 2 flipped robots out of arenas. Sure, Razer had the giant claw. But they just beat robots. Hypno-Disc literally ripped the poor things to shreds.

Hypno handled well with a basic, but effective design. I hope Hypno-Disc or at least a real Hypno-Disc 2 come to the new Robot Wars. If they do, they have got to win a trophy this time!

So destructive, so powerful, so original. This robot has a great disc spinner, beating most participants. Seeing how this is in 3rd place makes me feel devastated. I mean, this robot must beat a flipper bot. How can it not? Chaos 2 was cheap by just flipping it and leaving it there in (series 2? ).

That massivley destructive disc ripped everything in front of it to shreds

Hypno-Disc is a phenomenal robot which destroys most robots which it enters the arena with. They were unlucky when they battled Chaos 2 in the grand final. Now that they have added there self-right mechanism they seem unbeatable

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4 Panic Attack

S2 Winners. One of the originals, legends. Had the best driver in Kim Davies and was also the one machine which came out on top against Shunt in Sumo Basho.

A fantastic robot. My personal favourate robot. With a great driver too.

Charity entry robot with a brilliant driver. Piggy back to the pit!

With a great driver too.

"Charity entry robot with a brilliant driver. Piggy back to the pit!

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5 Firestorm

Who wouldn't forget that iconic moment when it flipped Mr.Psycho over. One hell of a machine!

Such a great robot with such a great driver closely missing out on a title in every entry

Only robot to flip Mr Psycho over so firestorm should be in the top 3

Panic attack reminds me of tornado-no proper weapons just speed and power which allows them to bash others into the pit and PPZ...But firestorm took out panic attack and therefore could probably take out Tornado

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6 Tornado

Some say their anti-razer cage was cheating but it followed the rules

Razer's biggest rival, arguably the only other robot that could have conceivably beat any potential opponent, and definitely the only other one that could rightfully be called number one.

Such a tough, durable and powerful machine, hence the name

An absoloutley mighty robot with great pushing power

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7 Bigger Brother

Defintley deserved the title in series 5 but Razer deserved it more

It should of won series 5 but I like razer too

Bigger flip in series 5 +6

More powerful flipper then chaos 2

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8 Pussycat

A great robot with a terribly innoavite design

Best driver - until his unfortunate death

It beat razer, twice!

9 Sir Killalot

Well good his design is the best he should be in the top 2

Sir killalots the best because he kills a lot

He is a epic robot and huge!

Because he's a house robot

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10 Gravity

It broke the record for quickest battle ever by flipping dantomkia out of the area in a record time(6 seconds! ) In the semi finals!

So powerful flipper!

The very best
6 second victory

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11 Terrorhurtz

Every "axebot" that competed prior to this bot was essentially a glorified pick-axe, this bot's predecessor included. Then Terrorhurtz appears on the scene and shows not only how to do a proper axe-bot, it also does it truly brilliantly, along with having one of the best drivers in the business in John Reid. Yes, he drove Killerhurtz in the pit that one time, but when he can drive, he does so excellently.

12 Thermidor 2
13 Stinger

The only reason it lost to bronco was because they chose a three sided fork (or trident) instead of a 2 sided fork, so if it chose a 2 sided fork it would've gone in between the pneumatic flipper and Bronco would've had no weapon to use!

Underrated. One of the best of all time.

Stinger the killer bee

14 Roadblock

First champion of Robot Wars, took home bronze in the second, and was still mopping the floor with others in the third (granted, as Beast of Bodmin, but they were essentially the same robot)

The worthy winners of series 1 well done

The greatest robotiers ever. Worthy winners

15 Carbide

It's a beast..unstoppable

It destroyed the arena wall

Destroys everyone who goes up against it. In series 8 and 9, none of it's fights lasted more than minute minuite due to the fact it tore the other robot apart like wet paper.

Razer and all the old legends are good but carbide is unstoppable. Series 9 winner and 8 and 10 runners up. come on carbide totally annhiliate Razer chaos 2 and hypnodisc

16 Wheely Big Cheese

The strength of the Cheese's flipping power is second only to Chaos 2, in my opinion.

Flipped axe awe out of the galaxy

It may of had an unreliable drive system (Which in my opinion just added to the choas of this chaotic robot) But it's famous flip was revolutionary and has not yet been beaten in height to this day.

Coolest ever

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17 Dantomkia

No one stood a chance without a self righting mechanism, even if they did they would probably be flipped out anyway

Came on to the scene in series 6 in which they flipped the one and only chaos two out of the arena. By far the unluckiest robot during the wars and when you look at there record they flipped behmomth, hypnodisc and panic attack all out of the arena! No other robot has done that to established robots like those.

Such an awesome robot, personaly my favorite, and they were one of the famous few to have a pullback toy made, and it had such a powerful flipper, just brill

The only robot to flip the deadly duo of Chaos 2 and Hypnodisc out of the arena. Was once most feared robot in the Wars.

18 Storm II

Should've easily been Series 7 champion. Such a powerful machine.

Got ripped off in the series 7 final but defintley worthy of a spot on this list

he shuda won against typhoon - anthonybecerra831

In the new blood championship they destroyed thor!

19 Cassius

The first one to have a self writing mechanism. I feel it really changed the game as it used to be game over for overturned robots.

I love razor but I'm a big fan of Rex- the creator of cassius-i like cassis itself too-should be higher

I really admire Rex

A very good robot and the inventor of the flipper perhaps

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20 Growler
21 Matilda

Excellent robot which was unlucky when razer destroyed her

It's really sad that razer crushed her.

The first robot I was introduced to.

No it isn't razor crushed it

22 Dead Metal
23 Gemini

This robot is awesome!

Amazing design

First ever 'Clusterbot. ' Awesome.

24 Behemoth

This is rubbish!
Behemoth is best!

He can lift sirkill alout

25 Wild Thing

The driving skill of Nick Adam's at the control was pure brilliance. I remember back in the battle with X-Terminator 2 in series 4, Wild Thing got in underneath, did a little twirl to get X-Terminaotr on properly before ramming them against the arena wall, tipping them over and breaking the srimech. That was pure skill. Let's not forget also the amazing battles Wild Thing has given us, namely against Hypno Disc, Prizephita, Chaos 2 (who close were they to putting Chals 2 in that pit? ) the losers Melee with S3 and Spawn Again, just to name a few. Not only that, but the battle with 259 among others showd that simply put, Wild Thing refused to die. Even the underwhelming series 6 incarnation just kept going and in the end, endurance won it. I find Wild Thign so underrated, mainly because it relied more on the control than the weaponry, with the weaponry being rather weak. Either way, Wild Thing was a brilliant machine, and did I mention that it always looked beautiful?

26 101

An unsung hero of series 3, getting all the way to the semis and holding its own against Hypno-Disc despite overwhelming odds.

I hate hypnodisc for winning in 101 vs hypnodisc.

27 Typhoon

Typhoon 2 is a Powerful Robot Love the the style Rotating Cone like a Spinning Weapon I prefer Typhoon 2 more than Terrorhurt or Carbide

People here really seem to underestimate Typhoon, sure their victory against Storm II was close, but I still think they deserved it. This machine is clearly better than Road Block.

One of the most dangerous robots in RW and it destroyed the arena twice

Last Robot Wars UK Champion

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28 Sgt. Bash

Bash my growler ohhh...

29 Mr. Psycho

He is a house robot but he is huge look at him compard to chaos 2 massive he is I would love to see him fight againts razor

My favorite house robot by far and he was invicible until he was flipped oer by firestorm

30 Shunt
31 Diotoir

One of my favorites never failed to amuse even though they keep catching fire! They also went through an overhaul into a spinner for the UK vs rest of the world championship after season 10

Diotoir is obviously the best bot.

32 Mortis

The father of the axe/lifter robots. Mortis was a very advanced robot in its time (Sr3 and 4 period). Allegedly the most expensive robot ever participated in Robot Wars at one point.

Best armour best weapons! Don't think razer would of penetrated the armour of mortis! The only flaw was the driver rob knight

33 King Buxton Powerworks

Semi finalists in Series 2. Tough, quick and robust machine. Very similar to the American robots Original Sin and Sewer Snake, deserves a mention.

34 Thor
35 Bronco

Le parfait principe d'attaque

36 Bite Force
37 Pitbull Pitbull Armando Christian PĂ©rez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is a Grammy (and Latin Grammy) winning Cuban-American rapper, songwriter and record producer.
38 Kat 3
39 Apollo

Champs of Series 8, powerful flipper - VonKaiser

40 S3

S3 definitely deserves a spot in this list. Stunned us in series 5 with its awesome vertical spinning disc and unorthodox design. Its sheer destructive power caused several robots in Sr5 and 6 all sorts of problems. Shame that it had a weak armour though.

41 Bulldog Breed
42 Spawn Again

Spawn again is an amazing flipper and just suffered technical difficulties at unfortunate times I mean it can lift a car

He can lift a car

43 X-Terminator
44 S.M.I.D.S.Y

Sorry mate I didn't see you.

45 259
46 Ming
47 Nasty Warrior

Great bot. Nice design. Loved it!

48 Kan-Opener
49 Inquisitor Inquisitor
50 M2
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