Best Rock Albums of All Time (Excluding Greatest Hits)


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161 Superunknown - Soundgarden V 1 Comment
162 Montrose - Montrose V 1 Comment
163 Siamese Dreams - Smashing Pumpkins

This album is epic. It should be In at least the top 50s - Sabbath

164 Tommy - The Who
165 Thriller - Michael Jackson
166 Queen II - Queen

Released in 1974, Queen throughout their long a career were amazing, classic and awe-inspiring though if you include this album in the essence of Queen (Which it Is) it will make Queen truly the most wide ranged Rock Act ever. Queen II is a Progressive Rock/Rock Opera/Heavy Metal Classic and was beyond perfection. Led Zep iv and Dark Side of the Moon are outstanding but this is better, Father to Son has Led Zep, The Who, Pink Floyd and wonderful Heavy Metal and Deep1970s toms. White Queen is an outstanding emotional epic, the harmonies and chords and instruments make the songs so emotionally powerful and you feel it. Someday One Day is a lovely Guitar Ballad with wonderful Guitar Sounds, Classic harmonies typical of the 70s, and different drumming and unique. Loser in the End features Bonhamesque drumming and Ogre Battle was the creation of Speed Metal. The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke is an Art Rock inspired piece. Nevermore is an outstanding tear dropping Piano and Vocal Ballad from ...more

First of all, Thriller is not rock, and A Night the opera is on here twice.
This is just fantastic, best rock album of all time (well, rubber soul would be my first, but it's not on here.
Just listen to march of the black queen and the fairy fellers master stroke, and you'll reasile nothing else can match this albums courage, diversity, and the bands pure talent

167 Queen - Queen
168 Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

Classic and Musicaly Sheer Brilliant

169 The Miracle - Queen

Great Rock, listen to Khashoggis Ship, Was It All Worth It and I Want it All

170 Innuendo - Queen

The Rock album of the 1990s

171 Prince of Darkness - Ozzy Osbourne
172 Piano Man - Billy Joel
173 Blue Blood - X Japan

X Japan is one of the most underrated bands out there, so it is only logical that their best album, Blue Blood, is one of the most underrated albums out there. This album contains some of their most beloved material, such as "X," "Enless Rain," "Rose of Pain," and the title track, "Blue Blood." The songs range from aggressive speed metal to emotional, classically influenced power ballads. The band even includes an experimental interlude track and an epic that's longer than your average SpongeBob episode. What's not to love?

174 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
175 Beggars Banquet - The Rolling Stones
176 The Who By Numbers - The Who
177 A Day At The Races - Queen
178 Breakfast in America - Supertramp
179 Meteora - Linkin Park

Every song on this album is amazing! How is this not in the top ten and Hybrid Theory is? This Album is Way Better than Hybrid Theory! This Album is a piece of Art! - RandomGuy18

Agree with random guy 18 best album ever!

V 2 Comments
180 2112 - Rush
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