Greatest Rock and Roll Movies of All Time

Greatest rock and roll movies, whether concert, documentary, or movie heavily laced with music.

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21 The Doors
22 Light of Day

Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox show what life is like on the road for a struggling band. Joan Jett rocks in this one.

23 Sid & Nancy
24 Backbeat
25 Cliff 'Em All!

The movie showing all of Cliff's great talents. - jake33

26 Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same

some documentarys say there all that but this is the real deal its crepy in a cool way 3 hours of nonstop rock

The fantasy sequences freak me out, but I love the footage shown. "Does anybody remember laughter? "

This movie contains the best versions of a bunch of their songs - Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven, Moby Dick... - Songsta41

27 Wayne's World

best 1

28 Ray

ray shows us that rocknroll can be about something. ray charles used rocknroll to fight for black rights too!

Ray this movie was a true adventure from start to finish, it was funy sad and very emtional and moving Go Mr. RAY cHARLES WHAT A TRIP THAT MAN WAS, REST IN PEACE

29 Hair
30 A Star Is Born
31 Eddie and the Cruisers


32 Great Balls of Fire!
33 Velvet Goldmine
34 Detroit Rock City

If you were a rebel teen in the 70's,this movie is a must.

#19? Are you kidding me?
This movie is so good man!


I’ll rob a store for this to be in the top ten.

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35 Wayne's World 2
36 Gimme Shelter

NOT IN THE TOP 10? The world is crazy ;-;

37 The Temptations

Classic movie better than La Bamba, and I'm Latino so thank you.

38 Rock 'N' Roll High School
39 Across the Universe

I absolutely love this movie! It is so good and it deserves to be in number 1. Anyone who loves the Beatles and has not seen this needs to.

40 The Filth and the Fury

It's so magnific and it changed my life. - Sid

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