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61 Pierce the Veil Pierce the Veil Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2006, the band was founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today, which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene.

Pierce the veil save peoples lives with lyrics like theirs. They are the most understanding band. They should at least be in top 10

I wonder why pierce the veil is so low on this list I think it should be in the top 20

Saved lives and are such beautiful people, inside and out. They should be in the top 10

Oh wow Pierce the Veil are amazing& they are number 46, really guys... Stupid

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62 Amon Amarth Amon Amarth Amon Amarth is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Tumba, formed in 1992. The band takes its name from the Sindarin name of Mount Doom.
63 Def Leppard Def Leppard Def Leppard are an English rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement.
64 Rush Rush Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

Please... It's Rush and they still perform and produce having been inspiration to many of the other artists you see along this list.

Rush is the worst band ever

65 Heart Heart Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide.

DreamBoat Annie. An absolute classic rock Album. If you think woment can't do rock download this album

66 Sex Pistols Sex Pistols The Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band formed in London in 1975. Although they initially lasted just two and a half years and produced only four singles and one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, they are considered one of the most influential acts in the history more.
67 Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2002. They got their first recording contract thanks to a petition, started by excited fans who wanted a recording contract for the band and sent it to several record companies. In 2008 Teräsbetoni represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest more.
68 Switchfoot Switchfoot

This band deserves to be up top. Musically the composition of their songs is sick, it's like nothing else, and their lyrics are inspiring and life changing. These guys deliver the best live shows I've ever seen, they put energy and passion into everything that they do! Put these guys in the top ten!

This band is incredible, songs like meant to live, awakening, and dare you to move are all amazing. Lyrically, they have a lot of great meaning behind their songs.

69 Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping with Sirens is an American Rock band from Orlando Florida. The band formed in 2009. SWS lead singer is Kellin Quinn

All of the guys in this band are super talented and their lyrics really mean something to me

They're like the hottest band right now and they're in number 53 are you serious guys?

Number 52... its ridicious they should be at the top in the charts

70 Creed Creed Creed is an American rock band, formed in 1993 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band's best-known line-up consists of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist and vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips.
71 Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys The Arctic Monkeys, otherwise known as the Death Ramps, are a British indie rock band formed in 2002 in Sheffield, England. The band consists of Alex Turner (lead vocalist, songwriter, electric and rhythm guitarist), Jamie Cook (electric and rhythm guitarist, songwriter), Matt Helders (percussionist, more.

Pioneering rock music through the 21st century, AM's innovative integration of other rock genres shows pure creativity and extensive musicianship. They are The Rolling Stones of our generation.

It's a shame they are so low. Such a talented group. While most people nowadays only know them for AM, every single album they have is amazing. Alex Turner is easily one of the greatest lyricists of the 21st century. Their music never gets old.

How these aren't in the top 10 is ridiculous! Fall out boy for example or maroon 5 aren't comparable to arctic monkeys

The best thing since nirvana is 31?

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72 The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins is an American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1988. Formed by frontman Billy Corgan and James Iha, the band included D'arcy Wretzky and Jimmy Chamberlin in its original incarnation. They are also considered to be one of the most influential alternative more. V 1 Comment
73 Within Temptation Within Temptation Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.
74 Kings of Leon Kings of Leon

Absolutely amazing on CD and live! Great tunes that you can really rock out to and their first 3 albums are some of my favourite!

Should be in Top 10 easily! They are so underrated because everyone THINKS they are overrated since they have only heard of 2/3 of their songs but have never actually gone to listen to their first few albums. Go listen to KoL's first three albums and you will see what I am talking about! You won't regret it!

75 Santana
76 Sevendust Sevendust Sevendust is an American heavy metal quintet from Atlanta, dating back to 1994. more.

Should be in the top 10 easily, but they're obviously not sell-outs like most of the other bands on this mediocre list. Lots of great bands here, like Deftones, Staind, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Atreyu, Queens of the Stone Age, Lostprophets, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Rush, The Offspring, blink-182 and Rise Against. But there are a lot of terrible bands as well, like Nickelback, Green Day, Slipknot, Simple Plan, Sum 41, U2, Wolfmother, Good Charlotte and Maroon 5.

Listen to "Black", "Waffle", "Live Again", "Face to Face", "Ugly", "Driven", "Inside", "Hope", "Forever", "Till Death" and "Decay".

77 Cake Cake Cake is an American alternative rock band from Sacramento, California. Consisting of singer John McCrea, trumpeter Vince DiFiore, guitarist Xan McCurdy, bassist Gabe Nelson and drummer Paulo Baldi, the band has been noted for McCrea's sarcastic lyrics and monotone vocals, DiFiore's trumpet parts, and more.
78 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.

Iron Maiden aren't much of a 21st Century band but still brilliant - Rorywilbren

79 Queen Extravaganza
80 The Killers The Killers The Killers is an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001, by Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.

They should be higher up. Mainly because of the amount of bands that are much higher up than them that they influenced.

Most of the bands in the top ten could all be a supergroup and you know what they would be called? The Sellouts.

Awesomeness in its coolest form

The fact that they are not way higher on this list invalidates the whole thing...

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