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Pink Floyd were an English progressive rock band formed in 1965 in London, England. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitar), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters more.


This is a very difficult decision to make. And I also agree with Led Zeppelin. I have all the albums of both bands, but I have to go with Pink Floyd for several reasons: First I think the musical variety and exploration of uncharted territories is much larger with Pink Floyd. Someone was mentioning that all the albums of Led Zep could be chosen as favorite. This is true because they are all great but also because they all obey a similar recipe (blues hard rock folk). Pink Floyd went from Psychedelic rock (early albums) to atmospheric prog-rock mixed with electronica to the harsher sound of Animals and the Wall and the whole packaged into concept albums telling a story. The fact for example that Rolling Stone magazine classifies the first album of Pink Floyd (Dark Side...) at #43 is for me a complete aberration. Although it's not my personal favorite of Pink Floyd, there is a reason why it remained 700 something weeks in the billboard and it's in the top 10 most sold albums of all time ...more

I'd like to share my opinion too, but it's just an opinion and I know for a fact that not everyone perceives things the same way as one another. However, I suppose that the purpose of me typing this would be to express my point of view, so I'll try to do it as concisely as possible. Pink Floyd is just my absolute favorite band, and it's rather hard for me to describe how awesome I think their music is. But of course, I can say that their music is really deep and thoughtful, as well as proving to be the product of a lot of talent and creativity. To add one -really- specific thing, I personally like to describe the one part from their song "Echoes" (the part where the band is just jamming and grooving away right before beat fades away into the spooky part of the song) as the musical manifestation of the word cool. As I've read elsewhere, Pink Floyd masters texture, lyrics and melodies, and from what I've heard of the band, they do it in just the right ways. Well, the right ways to get ...more

I can understand why people think Queen should be #1, they released some absolute gems, but Pink Floyd has many timeless masterpieces. How many times have you heard people say that Dark Side of the Moon is the best album ever? The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Meddle, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Ummagumma, and so many more albums caused Pink Floyd to get more interested in the fascination of progressive rock. And also, how do you think I got my username? - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Pink Floyd has incredible, unique sound to music that most other bands don't have. Just listen to the songs "Have a Cigar" and "One of these Days" you'll see how unique Pink Floyd is to make songs that sound great not only with instruments, but the studio. The two songs I mentioned above will show what makes Floyd unique from other rock bands. I mean, I like Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc., but I don't think they beat Pink Floyd. - matty925

Pink Floyd is without a doubt the greatest rock band of the 70s. Their way of making music and the music they made revolutionized rock, using sound effects to compliment the music and not to mention concept albums like Wish You Were Here, Animals and the Wall and people to this day still talks about Dark Side of the Moon as one of the greatest albums ever.

As far as lyrics go, this might be the best band to ever play. (Save The Beatles) The music is as innovative, and beautiful as it is deep. Dark Side was on the Billboard 500 for 14 years, so I would say record sales kick serious butt, too. Every time you listen to Dark Side, The Wall, or Wish You Were Here, it sounds as fresh and bold as when you heard it the first time.

Album sales alone put The Floyd above Queen, who were basically writing for commercial success and singles. They were are overrated in my opinion, Led Zeppelin and Floyd deserve one and two what position is up for debate again. Queen down near number ten, there are better bands in the top ten than them.

I think this list is okay. I would personally put Pink Floyd at number one, but I also love Led Zeppelin. I think Led Zeppelin would be my fourth favorite band. Anyway, Pink Floyd at number two in this list isn't bad.

Since music is about taste, can anyone be THE best? Floyd are bloody brilliant, but so are other bands. I'd rather enjoy them all than argue about subjective preferences.

No disrespect to you Pink Floyd fans, but no matter how many times I listen (and trust me I've probably tried over 10 times) I just can't get into Pink Floyd

I love Pink Floyd so much, it hurts. Their music is so unique and masterful. They are an extremely dark band. Love them to death. - Raulrdv

Pink Floyd is legend! With The Beatles are the best band of all time.

Amazing, marvelous music
This music absolutely belonging to another planet. Convince of them are different.

Pink Floyd wrote their own music and lyrics while Led Zeppelin stole their songs case closed Pink Floyd #1

I can't believe this is top. Led Zeppelin has some good stuff, but Pink Floyd is amazing. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

I have personally seen over 50 bands since 1970 and there is no band that even comes close to Pink Floyd in quality of sound and the ultimate in light show they are number 1 not number 2.Yes would come in second. They put on an excellent excellent show. Nazareth was a very good Band too.Zeppelin they sucked at the Kingdome in Seattle it was a long boring concert big disappointment.

Definitely shows the emotion puts you in the mood brings out the sadness has a meaning to the songs

Pink Floyd is among those few bands that were successful and did anything they wanted

All said. Pink Floyd - music for my ears and my soul. I hope their music can be hear in 500 years.

A close one between Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd for me. Pink Floyd by a nose.

The fact that Pink Floyd isn't first fills me with the urge to DEFECATE!

To me the concepts of the songs made by this band are horizon-less. The more I listen the more I understand.
On the top is the way the use other stuff rather that musical instrument which makes their song extraordinary.

Pink Floyd has more number one albums than Led Zeppelin and Queen!

Pink Floyd and the Beatles are the best

Deserve #1 more than Queen & LED. Floyd has a timeless songs