Guns N' Roses


Axl Rose and Slash, I'll say Axl Rose a The front man for the Job without a doubt and his other half Slash fantastic musician singer and was born to keep the founding fathers of guitar on their ears the man can play and the other can sing. I think all the Aqua Net Wearing Bra throwing girl groupies of the day can agree they were some sexy talented fuuxas

One hundred million per cent THE best group ever in any category. I have been a lifelong fan and always will be.

11%? They were the best. From vocals to solos, they had everything. Axl's husky voice makes it sound so much better. And not to forget Slash's memorable solos too.

Rock and roll was at its worst with makeup bands, and then there was Guns and Roses. They were true to their roots and played better than anyone in the 80's. They saved rock music from '86-'91.

Best song welcome to the jungle this band show be number 1 and slash it a great band but why queens I heard their music not feeling it I love guns and roses

The best band and the best songs came from this band. - isoldmysoulforrocknroll

The original band were something special! Had not been seen before an unfortunately for music probably not again. Iv never heard anyone like axl back in his day (86-93) and slash!?!?!? Man or beast I don't know but he rocks and that's all that matters!

No question the best band of the eighties and nineties

They ruled the world to this time. No one could ignore them. LOVE or HATE them.

Best band of the 80's. I love Guns N' Roses. I love axl rose.

Guns and Roses debuted in 1987 to 1990 and never had a number one selling album.But Appetite for Destruction did come in number 2 and we have to give it credit for going up against the best selling album of the 80s hysteria which was number one that year Axel you did a good job.

Just listen all the concerts live '85 to 1993! Is the perfect combination of all.

Guns and Roses is the biggest rock band out of the 80's no doubt I was there I remember that's a fact.

Axl rose is the best front man during 80's.

I completely agree and would add they should be number 1. Every song on each album is a masterpiece!

The People that made rock come to life. This band deserves to be number 1.

Saw Guns N' Roses in saint Louis. Axl jumps off stage. Gets in fight. Show over. His attitude ruined the show. Two good albums and there #1. Should be below the 6 spot on this list.

Best ever rock band and they are back! Welcome to the jungle baby!

Axl Rose is the king of Rock N Roll!.. I'm 16, wish more folks would listen to rock these days instead of rap and pop... #GunsNRoses the best band ever

By far THE best rock band of all time!

This band rocks.. Sweet child o mine..

Guns and roses should be #1. They were so damn sexy and talented. I saw them live in Memphis TN. In the 90's and Axl's voice was mesmerizing and Slash's guitar playing was absolutely amazing. What I would not give to meet Axl Rose in person.

Guns and roses ROCKS I love Slash an Axel Rose it should be first ROCK ON!

The best ever! Seen them in concert in kansas 2016

They had everything. Just everything.