Greatest Rock Bass Riffs


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1 Another One Bites the Dust - Queen Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Yes, this is the best!

Thank you John Deacon.

Best of all times.

2 Money - Pink Floyd Money - Pink Floyd

Yeah, Money has the greatest bass riff. - MaxPap

By far

3 Come Together - The Beatles Come Together - The Beatles
4 Roundabout - Yes

When I'm about to go to a school dance, I always put on the Fragile Yes Record and listen to Roundabout for an hour. The bass line gets so pumped, so unbelievably fast, that I don't even need a ride to the school! I run out the door with the song playing on my Ipod and I still get there on time!

5 Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

It's not a drum riff

6 Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
7 Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
8 Hysteria - Muse

I expected this in the top 5 - Userguy44

Easily the best bass riff! It is very complicated and just... brilliant! Should be number 1! - HollyRolo

Should be number 1, Money by Pink Floyd is good too though

Should be number one

9 YYZ - Rush
10 Orion - Metallica

YES - danimey

The Contenders

11 Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
12 Boris The Spider - The Who
13 Longview - Green Day

So catchy. - Userguy44

14 For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica

Why is this here? This has a bass solo not really a bass riff. - Userguy44

15 Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers
16 La Villa Strangiato - Rush
17 I Was Made for Lovin' You - KISS
18 Trick Of The Light - The Who

I love this song. Best advertisement for an eight string Alembic bass even though that's not what it was intended for. - Gg2000

19 Dragon Attack - Queen
20 Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
21 Schism - Tool

I expected this to be higher than #24

22 Bang a Gong (Get It On) - T. Rex
23 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus
24 Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
25 Aeroplane - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea at his best - Userguy44

26 Echoes - Pink Floyd

It is a guitar riff. - PanagosBoi17

27 Panic Attack - Dream Theater
28 The Trooper - Iron Maiden
29 Lounge Act - Nirvana

This is so groovy. How isn't this higher on the list? This is Krist's best bassline! - Userguy44

30 The Guns of Brixton - The Clash

Certainly one of the best bass riffs in punk or maybe ever. - ImMakingPudding

31 Epic - Faith No More
32 Peace Sells - Megadeth
33 Come As You Are - Nirvana
34 Time Is Running Out - Muse
35 Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea is just brilliant. - Userguy44

36 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Pink Floyd
37 Waiting for an Alibi - Thin Lizzy
38 Green Grass and High Tides - Outlaws
39 8 Miles High - The Byrds

The grand-daddy of them all.

40 Badge - Cream
41 Invisible Man - Queen
42 Death of a Party - Blur
43 Would - Alice In Chains
44 Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
45 Breakthru - Queen
46 Whipping Post - The Allman Brothers Band

What a great way to set up a song. Berry Oakley doesn't get enough respect from the general population. - Gg2000

47 Letting Go - Wings
48 Medicine Jar - Wings
49 Dawn Patrol - Megadeth
50 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
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1. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
2. YYZ - Rush
3. Money - Pink Floyd
1. Come Together - The Beatles
2. Boris The Spider - The Who
3. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
1. Money - Pink Floyd
2. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
3. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

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