Greatest Rock Guitarists of All Time


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101 Cory Churko

Guitarist, famous for playing with artists like Shania Twain

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102 Gordon Summoner

Sting, the rock legend, more famous as the lead singer of rock band Police

103 Billy Gibbons Billy Gibbons William Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.

Come on Gibbons @ 83rd? There aren't many whose careers have spanned the time of ZZ Top, and achieved their iconic guitar music... One of the most recognizable bands in history with their own identity

104 Andy Summers

The Police's guitarist... He is underrated!

105 Peter Buck
106 Vito Bratts

Guitarist to be noted.. His guitar ability, tapping, sweep picking and amazing guitar solos rank him in the top 10.. !

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107 Stefan Elmgren

One of thE former Guitarists of Hammerfall. He is totally wicked.

108 Johnny Marr Johnny Marr

By far one of the best. This guy can play lead guitar and rhythm at the same time. Try and play one of the early Smiths songs!

Go Listen to "What Difference Does it Make" Right now. Case closed.

109 Michael Angelo Batio Michael Angelo Batio

He is the father of guitar and deserves the number 1 spot without any doubt!

110 Bernie Marsden

As long as this list is Bernie Marsden should be on here. Whitesnake, and UFO another great British blues guitarist.

111 Leslie West Leslie West

The great Mountain guitarist. Mississippi Queen

112 Vivian Campbell Vivian Campbell Vivian Patrick Campbell is a Northern Irish rock guitarist. He came to prominence in the early 1980s as a member of Dio, and has been a member of Def Leppard since 1992.

Whitesnake, Dio, and definitely Leppard guitarist

113 John Sykes John Sykes John James Sykes is an English rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who has played with Streetfighter, Tygers of Pan Tang, John Sloman's Badlands, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Blue Murder.

Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder, great guitarist coe rote with David Coverdale

114 Steve Rothery Steve Rothery
115 Don Felder

Listen to the live version of New Kid to understand the brilliance of Felder

116 Ben Moody Ben Moody Benjamin Robert "Ben" Moody is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor.
117 Pete Wentz Pete Wentz
118 Joe Trohman
119 Tommy Vetterli

Great guitarist. For me top ten.

120 Zach Blair
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