Greatest Rock Songs of the 21st Century


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201 Speed of Light - Iron Maiden
202 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden
203 In the End - Anthrax
204 Shameless - Tarja
205 F├╝hre Mich - Rammstein
206 Paradise (What About Us) - Within Temptation
207 Nero - Vanilla Ninja
208 Sweetest Poison - Nu Pagadi
209 Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
210 Spieluhr - Rammstein
211 All This Things I Hate - Bullet for My Valentine
212 Where Did the Angels Go - Papa Roach
213 What It Is to Burn - Finch
214 With Arms Wide Open - Creed

This song gives me nostalgia. And the voice can take you away anytime.

215 Dark Horses - Switchfoot

Though the song is not that acclaimed. But still its one of the best rocks produced.

216 Boomerang - The Summer Set

It's a song cool and young. Not calm though.

217 Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight V 1 Comment
218 Charlie Brown - Coldplay

It gives me a feel of parallel rock. Nice rhythm though.

219 Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

This is an amazing song, like all of the AM's songs, but I think that the reason it is so far down in this list is that it is not very well-known by even British people as a single, as it peaked at only number 14 in charts (stupid mainstream music lovers not recognising good music! ) and, in the US, it would be relatively unknown because, despite the fact that it reached the top of the Billboard Alternative Chart, it only reached number 70 in the Hot 100.

How are Arctic Monkeys down at the bottom and all these mediocre songs ahead of it?!

V 1 Comment
220 Wish I May - Breaking Benjamin

Artist : Breaking Benjamin
Album : Saturate

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