Greatest Rock Songs of the 21st Century


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141 City of Blinding Lights - U2
142 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - The Killers
143 Decay - Sevendust

Newest single from the band and it is arguably their best single, right up there with the likes of "Waffle", "Live Again", "Ugly", "Broken Down" and "Black". Fantastic album.

144 Hero - Sevendust

The best opening track I've EVER heard... Period. Need proof? Check out the Bruce Lee tribute video on YouTube that features this relentless song, it's unreal.

145 California Waiting - Kings of Leon

Awesome song should be well up the list. Give it a listen if you haven't a l ready!

146 Comatose - Skillet

In is one of my favourite rock songs
I told almost 200 of my friends about this song and everyone love it

147 Hypnogaja - Here Comes the Rain Again

The song is an art. Exceptional feel gives this song a character. If any smarter, it would have gone to mars and back.

148 With Arms Wide Open - Creed

This song gives me nostalgia. And the voice can take you away anytime.

149 Dark Horses - Switchfoot

Though the song is not that acclaimed. But still its one of the best rocks produced.

150 December Boys - Peter Cincotti

Too soft to be rock? Well rock ain't always scream-o-shout. Soft ballad can give a depth to rock.

151 Boomerang - The Summer Set

It's a song cool and young. Not calm though.

152 Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight V 1 Comment
153 Charlie Brown - Coldplay

It gives me a feel of parallel rock. Nice rhythm though.

154 Ignorance - Paramore
155 Skinny Little Bitch - Hole
156 Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

This is an amazing song, like all of the AM's songs, but I think that the reason it is so far down in this list is that it is not very well-known by even British people as a single, as it peaked at only number 14 in charts (stupid mainstream music lovers not recognising good music! ) and, in the US, it would be relatively unknown because, despite the fact that it reached the top of the Billboard Alternative Chart, it only reached number 70 in the Hot 100.

How are Arctic Monkeys down at the bottom and all these mediocre songs ahead of it?!

V 1 Comment
157 Wish I May - Breaking Benjamin

Artist : Breaking Benjamin
Album : Saturate

158 Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys
159 Closer - Kings of Leon
160 Syndicate - The Fray
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