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William Bruce Rose Jr., better known as 'Axl Rose', is an American singer born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. He Is the founder and lead singer of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. He is a celebrated but controversial figure in the world of rock.


Axl is in a league of his own. His range is incredible and lyrics are amazing. I think his attitude can be misunderstood, but personally I believe that's what separates him from the rest. He stays true to his character and style regardless of critical analysis. He is the last of a dying breed, and the leader of one of the greatest bands music has ever seen!

Axl Rose has the premier rock and roll voice of ALL TIME! His vocal range, his unique style of singing is not only captivating and easily recognizable but it is mind blowing! This is a guy that can not only blow your mind and speakers through a studio/recorded voice but he can undoubtedly rock your socks off with his live performances as well. AXL HAS THE GREATEST ROCK VOICE OF ALL TIME.

Axl Rose's voice has a dramatism and a power to express emotions and feelings, on a very wide range. These rare quality is not only the result of his obvious amazing talent. First of all I think, it all comes from Axl Rose's genuine and complete capacity to feel everything that he sings. There is no fakeness in his vocal interpretations, because there is no fakeness in what he feels when he sings his songs. His songs are genuine, honest. The lyrics of his songs are many born from his own life, feelings, emotions, thoughts or life events. So his vocal performance is equally REAL. I love him. I think that he is one of a kind.

I have listened to many bands over the years, and Axl has the most remarkable and greatest rock n' roll voice of all time. It really makes me sad that people like Chris Cornell are mentioned here, he is the most overrated and most untalented singer of all time, same with Robert Plant and Rob Halford. This guys suck but especially Cornell, it blows my mind that he is in the top ten here but not Bruce Dickinson and even he does not even compare to Axl Rose.

Axl's songs have been the soundtrack of my life. In good times and bad times I've turned to his music to enjoy and comfort me. I love his voice, his style and his awesome song writing.

Axl you're songs have made me smile and cry through the years. I love, admire and respect you. ((Hugs))

What defines a great voice is what the singer can do with it, one of the most important things for a voice in rock is being able to sing loud, and I think we all know how loud Axl can be. But what makes him so special is how he seems to feel the song, you can hear the anger in Out Ta Get Me, and, in Paradise City, how much he wanted to go home when it was written, and even in Don't Cry, no matter which version, he seems to reach out to the listener and tell them that no matter how bad something feels at the moment, it will get better. That's what makes his voice so amazing, it would be able to tell the songs message even if it did'nt have any lyrics at all.

Represents the true voice of rock. And Guns N' Roses does not always sound the same. Axl has so many voices. He can also stretch a song to a place no one else could ever go. Civil War being a good example. Brilliant grab line. My Hands Are Tied Should have been done during Vietnam and singing Knocking on Heavens Door like a gospel instead of a folk song further proves his brilliance.

Axl Rose has a huge vocal range, he has an essence about him when he preforms his music, he is able to take his captive audience anywhere with him, and he has been able to do this for decades! His voice along with his music and his persona have for ever been branded on generations! This is why the man who once "welcomed you to the jungle" should be one of the greatest rock voices!

This is the best rock vocal. Why? Because he has it all in his voice. There any a good twenty awesome hard rock singers with unique elements but he got them combined so nicely in the way he sings. If you disagree, tell me why this is not the perfect rock voice. Just stating my opinion.

Not many vocalists can match the range of Axl. His distinct gritty whine is a staple of his unique voice. Just try to sing like him. You have to have STRONG lungs or it can't be done. Could be why his voice has lost its edge over the years. Smoking probably hasn't helped much either. I still vote Axl, with a close second by Rob Halford.

Rose is a complicated person and it's hard to be a fan of him, but it's those complexities that seem to fuel his talent and make him one of the most interesting musicians and performers of the late 80's and early 90's. It's not very often when someone can come around and write a song like Estranged.

Axl Rose is a great vocalist, he is an original that everyone recognizes. I have always heard that he was charismatic and great in concert, then I saw him and he surpassed my expectations. Truly an amazing artist who just energizes a room. I also think his honesty comes through clearly in his performance.

Axl has a voice different from the rest, of course everybody's voice is different but Axl really stands out as an unique and brilliant vocalist, having a range from almost a whisper to amazingly hard, loud and sharp, in my opinion a man with a great voice and his own kind of charm

Instantly you can tell it's Axl Rose! The range his voice has can reach many octaves, It's distinctive, and man he can hold a note... You try matching his singing at the end of "Don't Cry" Not only does he possess one of the strongest voices in Rock, he is an absolutely fantastic frontman (even now! ) and his lyricism reaches fans right to the heart! If Axl Rose or Freddie Mercury do not win this list I'd be ultimately surprised!

Nobody's got a voice like Axl does, not even Myles Kennedy who is covering him on Slash's tour. He just has so much power behind every word and hits some pretty crazy notes for a guys who sings second baritone.

Such an amazing band to grow up listening to, so much of the material has been relevant to my life and thoughts. With out doubt the best band ever, Axl rose has a powerful and enchanting voice that is totally unique. Been and always will be a huge fan. Thanks

Axl Rose was a fleeting, TONELESS novelty... Mercury, McCartney, Ann Wilson, Robert Plant and Van Morrison... Or try Lou Graham, Janis Joplin, Paul Rodgers, Kurt Cobane or John Lennon... Please stop this silliness. Axl was WAY AWESOME for the music industry and has made some KILLER records but lets stay focused on the TRULY GIFTED! McCartney's Long Tall Sally, Helter Skelter, Maybe I'm Amazed, Band On The Run, Kansas City, Live and Let Die, Venus and Mars / Rock Show, Hey Jude and check out Beware My Love AND Call Me Back Again off of "Wings Over America"... These recordings SET THE STANDARD! I'm SURE Axl would AGREE! - frank

Axl rose is a great front man. Love his voice and him he is guns n roses and he is the great in my eyes and sexy man too he is the best rocker ever no one can replace s him love the new band members now he is the legends of guns n roses amazing man in my eyes

The guy once ran around a race track during an outdoor concert, without skipping a beat, or even so much as a stutter! His voice is often imitated but never duplicated (see Myles Kennedy), can change tones, sing ballads, etc etc one of the best voices of any band new and old... Enough said!

I've grown up listening to Guns N' Roses. I knew Sweet Child O' Mine by heart by the time I was 4. I am currently 15. Axl's voice cannot be described in words. It's way too perfect. His voice is so unique & sexy. His range is outstanding! Axl means the world to me and I'm a proud Guns N' Roses fan!

Axl's voice is just totally unique. When you hear him, you know its AXL ROSE, you don't guess... you know his voice and he's GREAT! There are some other voices worthy of this list, no argument there, but I'm an Axl fan first & foremost so he's getting MY vote!

He's the best, just that. I can not say how good he is. He's just incredible, one the best voices ever. Axl has an unique and powerful voice, never seen before. It won't be anybody like him.

Without a doubt the best ever, so versatile being able to sing beautiful ballads that make you cry to the most powerful stadium classics, there is so much feeling in his voice. Always been my favourite and always will be

Axl's voice is unique, you can recognize it among millions; it's powerful, angry, pure, sweet and sexy at the same time, he uses it like an instrument, and he can express so many different feeling like no one else. And then there is his charisma, his stage presence, not to mention his great talent as a songwriter. To me Axl Rose is a natural born rockstar, the biggest rock icon of his generetion.

Axl's voice sinks into your soul - I could listen to Axl sing all day everyday and I would want to hear more. He has the most unique voice with an amazing range. Guns N' Roses are awesome and even though the lineup has changed over the years, their music continues to hold so many of my precious memories