Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Zanzibari-born British singer of Indian descent, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the British rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave more.


omg do you really ignored that his voice can reach 5-6 octaves... and thats only the beginning

Freddie Mercury has an incredible range (4 octaves) only people that match/come close (in vocal range) are Brad Delp and Steve Perry, yet they did not have the emotion and wide variety of "styles" that Freddie did. Also, Freddie was never trained in voice and became famous off of pure talent (except for some piano training at 9 years old).

If you ever hear the song "Death On Two Legs" live, you can see that he could have sung metal. And if you hear the song "Barcelona" it is amazing. He sings opera, too, people. He has the voice of a hundred genres. He was Freddie Mercury. The best of the best.

I love Freddie SO much he should be at the top why isn't he at the top whoever didn't vote for is gonna regret this Freddie Mercury is the best ever I love him forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever... Did I mention I love Freddie Mercury forever and ever? I tell you: Forever and ever and ever...

Most amazing male vocalist, his vocal range was way beyond his competition, it takes a voice of extraordinary range to make not just one track but so many tracks an actual anthem and Freddie did just that, nothing ever sounds like queen and nothing ever sounds like Freddie, he is a true legend. And these come about once in a lifetime.

No one else on this page comes close to him. Michael Jackson? - He sounded like Mickey mouse in comparison to Fred. Just listen to their duet on YouTube, and it's obvious who is better. Robert Plant? No way, his voice was a bit whiney. Bono? Bon Jovi? Noo. Fred rules.

Freddie could transmit feelings in each of his words, making the song alive in your ears and hearts. There is not a single singer in the history of Rock music that went so smooth from various genres of music like Mercury did. His deliverance was so smooth and clear that he could connect in the moist primal way to an audience.

Many different people have tried to replicate what this man could do, none have come even close. Even at his own memorial, many legendary singers had to change the key, just to attempt to do what Freddie did effortlessly. We shall not see his like pass this way again.

Simply the greatest voice in Rock. He could sing with great power or soft like an angel. He could sing cute little 'ditties' or down & dirty, raunchy songs. His vocal range is unequaled. No style of music was beyond his natural ability to sing. He's been gone for 20 years, but he still had the greatest voice ever.

Despite the fact that there are so many unique voices out there, there is no doubt, that no one could every reach Freddie - he was the pillar of Queen, that made Queen a rock band... this catchy sound, his talent to go through 5 octaves in one verse - just amazing! So much love for Freddie!

His voice gives me chills. I've never heard another voice like it in any group or solo. He was taken from us much too soon. I wish I could have seen him in person -- what an incredible experience that would have been.

Anyone that can sing in so many levels of awesome octaves should definitely be on the top of the list. Robert Plant was very awesome but Freddie could sing like no one else! Sorry he had to go so soon in life.

Freddie Mercury has to be top of this list, he wrote classic songs that still hold up to this day, He had an incredible voice after Freddie would be Robert Plant, His vocals reached incredible length's.

This guy had it all, great voice and the best band ever. He could sing anything rock, pop, classical his music will last for years to come. Should be number 1! haven't even heard of the other 2 - KillerQueen

Get that poser Steve Perry off of this list. Any one that voted for Steve Perry doesn't know what rock music is. Steve Perry isn't worth comparing to the legends of Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant, along with SO MANY OTHERS! God people, really?!?! He's the greatest voice in rock? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Anyone and everyone could sing like that guy. So many other 80s rock singers sounded like him, not out of respect, but because that is an easy voice to sing (which is one reason why 80s rock was so bad in general). If Steve Perry tried to sing "Love Reign O'er Me" I think Pete Townshend would have a stroke. Steve Perry being number 1 on this list is an insult to rock music. GET HIM OFF OF IT!

While axl rose and steve perry had bigger ranges, nobody, and I mean nobody can touch freddie in terms of pure power and emotion. He had more heart than everyone on this list combined. He is the Queen of rock and roll.

His voice is so powerful and beautiful! He could sing so many different genres and still outshine everyone! He could control a crowd just by lifting his finger. Definitely the greatest voice I've ever heard

Freddie's voice was and is beyond amazing. His voice captured you like no one else could and made you feel emotions you'd never thought possible to feel. He deserves the top spot.

There isn't anyone that I know with a better voice than Freddie. Definitely not Ann Wilson. Maybe she can be number three, Freddie number 1, and Steve number 2. If you HAD to keep that order, with those 3 at the top.

He has such strong, powerful, beautiful, unique voice. I am sure, that he is the best singer of all time, nobody comes close to him.

never heard of some of these people but I know quite a few. freddie is definitely the best out of the ones in know. if I haven't heard of them theyre probably not that good - Cantonez

No one can even touch Mercury!!Even Placing him at number one wouldn't be enough!! Lover of life, singer of songs, he is the ultimate!!!

He revolutionated rock with his uinque voice. he is beyond natural, a god, he will allways be alive.

He should be on top of the list. - zagoc

Even is he is not my favorite, I have to be objective when asked this question, and Freddie had it all. Not only was he a superb singer, but as a performer he was a tour-de-force, unmatched.

When it comes to being able to sing on a technical basis there really isn't anyone who could touch Freddie's pure talent. Very smooth delivery and a range that most can't even touch.