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101 Ringo Starr Ringo Starr Richard Starkey known professionally as Ringo Starr, is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor who gained worldwide fame as the drummer for the Beatles.

Oh look Ringo bringing up the rear as usual

102 Steve Marriott Steve Marriott Stephen Peter "Steve" Marriott was an English musician, songwriter and frontman of two notable rock and roll bands, spanning over two decades.

Steve is at #26? Must be a lot of people out there who have not heard him. Search his name on youtube, also search 'small faces' and 'humble pie'.

Listen to enough songs, you will know Steve Marriot belongs in the top 5 all time. Popularity is what is topping most lists...

Steve Marriott definitely belongs in the top 5. In his day, there was not a singer in that era that was not influenced by him. Incredible range and tone, and clarity that was unsurpassed. Gone, but never forgotten by those of us who know what truly great talent is. RIP, Steve.

It is such a shame that Steve Marriott is so far down this list when he was the obvious inspiration for the likes of Robert Plant, Paul Stanley and Steve Perry. His voice was just so powerful, it hit you in the solar plexus, delivered with that amazing vibrato punch. And, he was such a cool little bastard! He was the complete deal and, sadly, almost completely forgotten and unrecognised. Listen to Tin Soldier, Talk to You, I Can't Make It, Get Yourself Together, You Need Lovin' (hello, is that you Mr Plant? ), Black Coffee... Greatest ever!

How is Steve at #104? He must not be known by today's listeners enough. He absolutely blows away Bon Jovi...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Steve had one of the most beautiful and versatile voices in Rock History.
Pitch perfect with a huge range...listen to Small Faces and Humble Pie and you will see. Not to mention he was a consummate professional. I could listen to Marriott sing the phone book.

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103 Hayley Williams Hayley Williams Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.

Beautiful girl and your voice is amazing!

That it's sample that female a great rock voice, she's the best rock female I've never seen

Best female rock voice ever! Apart from Pat Benatar.

104 Vince Neil Vince Neil Vincent Neil Wharton is an American vocalist and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

vince neil.. legendary lead singer of motley crue

Vince is the best all around singer...

How is he not on here

Great frontman for the most dangerous band in rock

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105 Klaus Meine Klaus Meine

You guys are all idiots! Frankly, without meaning to be offensive, have you EVER heard his voice? The expressiveness? The friggin range? The sound? His waves? His passion? Amy Lee? Kurt Cobain? JOHN LENNON?!? Guys, do not confuse "songwriters" with "voices". Just listen to the friggin voice. NOW! - TheNextGreatestRockStar

Klaus meine influenced 80's heavy metal bands... even axl rose personally approached Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker during the Freddie mercury tribute concert in 1992 that Klaus and the Scorpions Music started him..

A lot of people haven't paid attention to the talent in this group. Even the Rock Hall of Fame ignores them. Klaus Meine & Steve Perry have more range, more emotion & clarity than anybody else in music period. And Klaus does it in multiple languages. He is a musical genius (and so are Schenker & Jabs)

The best voice ever!

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106 Dave Mustaine Dave Mustaine more.

His voice is horrible. It always was and will be getting worse. His voice sounds like a little teen girl - Sabbath

Dave Mustaine deserves to be a lot higher on this list. He has a true metal voice.

This guy has a pretty great voice for metal and is the greatest.

77? Seriously? Come on guys...

107 John Cooper John Cooper John Landrum Cooper, professionally credited as John L. Cooper, is an American musician, singer and songwriter. He has been the lead vocalist, bassist and co-founder of the Grammy-nominated American Christian rock band Skillet since 1996.

Sounds the same live as in the studio - twoo1659

108 Phil Collins Phil Collins Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins is an English singer-songwriter and musician, who has also worked as a record producer and actor.

His voice made songs memorable.

109 Roger Waters Roger Waters George Roger Waters, is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He was mostly known for the secondary lead vocals and bassist of Pink Floyd .

How can Gilmour be above the original and better Pink Floyd singer?

David was a better singer, tops. I've gotta say, the wall is the best album, though!

You asked the most important question man!

110 M.Shadows

I really really love his voice, it matches every song, its really touching how it sounds in dear god especially...

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111 Fred Durst Fred Durst William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.
112 Mark Chavez
113 David Johansen
114 Daron Malakian Daron Malakian Daron Vartan Malakian is an Armenian–American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

Daron is insane, I love everything this guy does. Him and Serj to me, are the best rock singers of all time.

I love his voice, his songs sounds in my head over and over

115 Isono Hiroshi

better known as KYO vocalist of D'ERLANGER, DIE IN CRIES and BUG. have solo, created his name in japanese rock history as one of the rock voices who inspired visual kei bands and has a very unique, powerful voice. his voice now has more power, check it out - ronluna

the one with many singing voice styles as well as hyde, compare his voice from 1989 d'erlanger, 1995 die in cries, solo, and bug and he can change his voice similarly to 1989. his singing voice is very powerful. - ronluna

116 Brandon Boyd

The voice of incubus is simply perfect.
his live performances are always outstanding. Hard or soft brandon can sing anything. really a kick ass singer

Simply perfect and live better... He is the perfect mix, look like a hot guy and sings like an angel.

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117 Brandon Flowers Brandon Flowers

a great vocalist that deserves more credit

He's the best singer of the decade.

118 Dolores O'Riordan Dolores O'Riordan

Best Female Voice EVER!
So much emotion, straight to the heart...
Quite great lyricist too.

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119 Jack Black Jack Black Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black is an American actor, singer, musician and comedian. His acting career has been extensive, starring primarily in comedy films. Black is the lead vocalist of the comedic rock group Tenacious D, which he formed in 1994 with friend Kyle Gass. They have released the albums Tenacious more.

Wonderful voice! Just heard him on Rock, Pop, & Doo Wop on PBS - at 72, he still has it! Wow! Great voice, great breath control, great falsetto!

Tenacious D, best band ever, Jbbles best singer ever, simple as that

120 Rik Emmett

While I agree with a lot on this "list". I don't agree that Rik Emmett should be 64 on this list. He has a lot more range and vocal quality than a lot on this list. His voice suits all styles of music (rock, metal, jazz, blues). Although older now, he can still wail. Plus he's a guitar god.

Not only an amazing vocalist, but also one of the most versatile guitarists on the planet. Give it up people, if you haven't heard triumph check them out! Best live performance I've ever heard.

Lead vocalist and guitarist in a power trio. What more needs to be said! Just watch some of the live clips from the 1983 US Festival and see a true master in action.

Great range, he can singing anything from, jazz, blues, melodic stuff as well as kick ass Rock and Roll

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