Greatest Roman Emperors


The Top Ten

1 Augustus

The only one who was fair to his people. - Caleb9000

2 Constantine

The first Christian Monarch in the history of the world.

Which is good, but Philip the Arab might possibly have been the first Christian monarch ever. - BrideiMacBella

3 Diocletian
4 Marcus Aurelius

Ah, but the last of the Five Great Emperors. - DieGedankenSindFrei

5 Trajan

Rome at its greatest extent.

6 Hadrian
7 Vespasian
8 Claudius
9 Aurelian
10 Antoninus Pius

The Contenders

11 Nerva

Wow! I'm not the only person who knows who this guy is! - BrideiMacBella

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12 Julius

I was this guy in a play and I am a girl

Julius caesar was the greastest leader of rome But he was not an emperor

13 Majorian
14 Julius Nepos

One of the last

15 Domitian
16 Tiberius
17 Septimius Severus
18 Gallienus
19 Alexander Severus
20 Julian the Apostate
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