Greatest Roman Emperors


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1 Augustus

The only one who was fair to his people. - Caleb9000

If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain. - Gaius Octavius

2 Trajan

Rome at its greatest extent.

3 Marcus Aurelius

Ah, but the last of the Five Great Emperors. - DieGedankenSindFrei

4 Hadrian

Hadrian could hold his own in England, an actual wall exists to persuade the invading Celts and Picts in the north to hightail not in the southern direction. This might still be holding at bay the intruders although if even just in imagination as it is possible to exist. - iliescu

5 Constantine

The first Christian Monarch in the history of the world.

Which is good, but Philip the Arab might possibly have been the first Christian monarch ever. - BrideiMacBella


6 Diocletian

Best emperor

7 Claudius
8 Aurelian

The restorer of the world

9 Vespasian
10 Nerva

Wow! I'm not the only person who knows who this guy is! - BrideiMacBella

I learned about nerva

The Contenders

11 Antoninus Pius
12 Scipio Africanus

Scipio was not a emperor. He is well known for his military command ability and strategy but he was no emperor.

13 Titus
14 Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar, known by his cognomen Julius Caesar, was a Roman politician and military general who played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

Was not an emp - Vsauce

15 Commodus Commodus

Commodus, probably one of the worst emperors. He didn’t care about being the Emperor. This started the fall of the Empire.

16 Julian the Apostate
17 Julius

I was this guy in a play and I am a girl

Julius caesar was the greastest leader of rome But he was not an emperor

18 Tiberius
19 Romulus Augustulus
20 Septimius Severus
21 Majorian
22 Julius Nepos

One of the last

23 Domitian

The mot underrated of all emperors. He did a lot of good tings for poor people and people in the provinces.

24 Gallienus
25 Alexander Severus
26 Nero Nero Nero was the last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He was adopted by his great-uncle Claudius and became Claudius' heir and successor. Like Claudius, Nero became emperor with the consent of the Praetorian Guard.

He was the worst emporer in history! He is also one of the most evil people in history. Why is he on here? - Alpha101

Exactly! He was cruel and violent. For example, he had his first wife beheaded and gave her head to his second wife so she could gloat over it. Then he kicked his second wife to death while pregnant and is said to have fiddled and sang while Rome burned to the ground. I agree, he shouldn't be on this list.

That is scary

27 Decius
28 Caligula Caligula Caligula, properly Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was Roman emperor in AD 37–41. Born Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, Caligula was a member of the house of rulers conventionally known as the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
29 Elagabalus
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