Greatest Romantic Scenes in Cinema History

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1 The Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann wedding scene during the fight - Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Beautiful. I agree with the one who said that the scene is so unique. The first wedding scene in movies that I actually like and feel for. Stunning job by the actors and the choreographers of this scene! Add to this the music that is genius. Thank you!

Never seenn anything like this! Very romantique and absolutely unique! -

Tingled every time I saw it! Beautiful!

Oh that one

2 Jack teaching Rose to fly (Titanic 1997)

The Scene that everyone knows - MatrixGuy

it's totally a classic, one of the most unforgettable scenes in history.

Just a beautiful scene. - Britgirl

3 Noah and Allie in the river (The Notebook 2004)
4 Superman and Lois flying (Superman 1978)

Romance with the greatest super - hero, it is a super scene - MatrixGuy

gotta go with this one classic

5 Edward and Bella in the meadow (Twilight 2008)
6 When Sam appears in the end, standing on a pathway made of clouds to say his final goodbye, she realises that true love does indeed last for ever (Ghost 1990)
7 Christian and Satine singing Come What May in the final scene (Moulin Rouge 2001)

My ex-gf and I watched this one time. I gotta admit... the movie it really good.
How can the scene where Lloyd holds up the boombox in the middle of a rain storm (Say Anything) not be on this list!? - fireinside96

An adorable scene from this great musical - MatrixGuy

8 The end kiss in the rain between Holly and Fred (Breakfast at Tiffany's 1960)
9 Anna walks into William's book store bearing a gift, and says I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her (Notting Hill 1999)

what a gesture... , this is what you have to do if you love somebody - MatrixGuy

10 Johnny turns on the music, lights a few candles and introduces uptight Baby to the secret world of dry humping (Dirty Dancing 1987)

The Contenders

11 Angela surrounded by Roses in Lestat's imagination (American Beauty 1999)

A Beautiful scene: suberb flowers with a suberb girl - MatrixGuy

12 On a rain-drenched airport , Rick makes the ultimate sacrifice: providing safe passage for the Resistance hero Victor Laszlo and his wife Ilsa (Casablanca 1942)
13 The Formerly Blind Girl now with vision recognizes The Tramp as the man who paid for her vision (City Lights 1931)

I don't care what others think about the greatest romantic scene. I don't care if anybody even wants to vote for Edward and Bella in the Meadow for the greatest. I respect the films which were made without special effect whatsoever. These films are hated by many, but I so do not care. Films like the City Lights will always remain in my heart.

I think that this one is a really beautiful scene, and just to think that it was made almost one hundred years ago... So timeless.

14 Katniss & Peeta In the Cave (The Hunger Games)

We get to see the whole backstory involving Peeta giving burnt bread, which his mother scolded him for, to a cold and starving Katniss.

15 Isabeau & Navarre Finally Free From The Bishop's Curse & Together Again (LadyHawke 1985)

Almost makes me cry just thinking about. Extremely underrated film, too. - truckturner

16 Matt and Elektra in the top of a building with that superb nightsky, Matt waiting the rain so he can admire Elektra's face (Daredevil 2003)
17 Princess Leia Rescuing Han Solo (Star Wars: The Return Of The Jedi)
18 Harry Potter Rescuing Ginny Weasley From Voldemort (Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets)
19 Ron Weasley Crying Out For Hermione On His Sick Bed (Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince)
20 Ella & Kit's big waltz (Cinderella 2015)

Unlike Kristen Stewart, Lily James can at least act.

What made it more magical was that it was danced to La Valse D'Lamor

21 Davy & Yvonne reconcile during the 500 Miles number (Sunshine on Leith 2013)
22 Mary Jane Watson kissing Peter Parker upside down (Spider-Man)
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