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1 Brian O Driscoll

A legend and an honour & privilege to have been able to witness his sublime talents.

The greatest centre of all time easily and probably the best player of all time - Grizleybear

The most wicked sidestep ever - Grizleybear


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2 Jonah Lomu

Jonah lomu is clearly the best ever

Best player ever

Fantastic guy why the hell isn't richie mccaw o this list


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3 Richie McCaw

Definition of greatness is Richie McCaw. The man isn't human. Has Brian O'Driscoll lead Ireland to two World Cup wins? He couldn't even beat the All Blacks. McCaw has won everything possible to have won... with Canterbury, Crusaders and All Blacks. Enough said.

Unbelievable, unstoppable... and a deep thinker - understood the game like no-one else ever

How the he'll isn't he in the top 3, he's been the best flanker for 11 years!

The greatest rugby player of all time. - markman55

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4 Bryan Habana

The fastest rugby player ever... and a great try scorer for the springboks... the best try scorer in the Rugby world cup

5 Kieran Read

Best ausiie fullback by far,...

6 Gareth Edwards

So clearly the number one its untrue. I have to assume that most people voting are very young or have lost their memory.

Gareth edwards is a player ahead of his time good ball sinse and a great rugby mind to boot greatest player of all time and the star of the 74 lions best team of all time too.

Skill of this man is unsurpassed could lo mu or odriscoll throw a dummy like Gareth, blistering pace no other player has ever played better heads up rugby union football

7 Percy Montgomery
8 George North

He is just amazing, don't know why he isn't top 5

9 Matt Todd
10 Paul O Connell

A true legend of Irish rugby, one of the greats

A true legend of Irish rugby

Go on paulo you baysht

One word BEAST

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The Newcomers

? Semesa Rokoduguni
? Andrew Johns Andrew Johns Andrew Gary "Joey" Johns is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest players of all time.

The Contenders

11 Rupeni Caucaunibuca

Too fast for his own good - Grizleybear

12 Serge Blanco

The greatest ever French player

13 Willie John McBride
14 Martin Johnson

One of rugby best every and for me england best player every to always did the hardest jobs on the park.

Great rugby player and was england manager for ages and had quality for leicester tigers. Won world cup as england captain.

Tough as old boots

15 Danie Gerber

The best centre ever. Period. Just compare his speed, strength, sidestep and forward thinking to any other player ever. Look at the various positions and situations from where he scored. He CREATED tries like no one else. He read the situation. And he finished like no other. Taken into account the few opportunities he had due to isolation and what he achieved nevertheless there can be NO DOUBT that he was the greatest back line player ever to have played the game.

This guy is a legend. The best centre with the most natural talent ever. Campese might have been slightly better (a winger), but if Danie had the opportunity to play in as many tests as Campo, I recon he would have held the record for most test tries scored. I loved watching him play.

Danie was the best center ever!

Pure gold!

16 Naas Botha
17 David Campese

Value value Goolagong playetl

18 Stuart Hogg

The greatest player to ever step foot on Murrayfield in a Scotland Jersey

19 Hugo Porta

Hugo Porta, in addition to his stylish manner, changed once for ever more the way to kick the rugby ball. Not a surprise he was excellent at football (soccer) and close to have a contract with Boca Juniors

Best fly half of the amateur era. Singlehandedly won games for Argentina against the top nations in the world.

20 Jonny Wilkinson

By far the best rugby player of all time. - felix_gibson

21 Dan Carter
22 Doug Howlett

Best winger of is era a wing that could run on a string an still score an you choose george north

23 Martin Corry

Best number 8 captain and retired well after many years of great rugby for leicester tigers

24 Leigh Halfpenny
25 Will Genia
26 Israel Folau
27 Owen Farrell

Fantastic all-round player with speed, strength and stamina.

28 Julian Savea
29 Andrea Masi
30 Rob Kearney
31 Aurélien Du Blanc
32 Mike James
33 Kier Harris
34 Calvin Walcott
35 Stephen Harris
36 Morgan Logan
37 Johnny Fry
38 Christian Campbell
39 Michael Turner
40 James Cole
41 Christian Cullen
42 Drew Mitchell
43 Colin Meads

Just the name should be good enough

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