Greatest Saw Movies

The Top Ten Greatest Saw Movies

1 Saw

Saw keeps you on the edge of your seats for the entire thing, the thing that gets me is there is a story! The last 15-20 mins is electrifying and mentally plays with your brain. In the end I honestly almost had a stroke because of how awesome it was. Best movie ever, #2 was just as good to!

After Saw 4 and 5 the Saw series kind of dropped, this one is the one that saved the series! The traps were amazing along with the story.

Saw gives you some clues of who is the real jigsaw killer. these clues (in my opinion) are: when it shows the pic of Gordon's family with the word "REGARDS". There's also a puzzle piece symbol beside it. Also the voices, when it shows jigsaw in the warehouse, the voice is completely different than Zepp's voice. And Zepp isn't wearing a pig mask or a black cape when he captures Gordon's family. Kerry says 'looks like jigsaw likes to book himself in his own sick games', well the man in the room with Gordon and Adam... I don't know, but it's still a good, no...GREAT movie!

jeeze the leg cutting off scene made me puke LITERAlly IM NOT KIDDING

2 Saw II

This movie has a great cast of characters, Donnie Wahlberg is great in this movie. This is Jigsaws first public appearance in the series. This is the most forgotten saw of all time, and it is so underrated. This has loads more thrilling moments and action than the first one. The ending you cannot miss, it is one of the best movie endings of all time. Great movie to watch. one of the best horror flicks and a must-watch.

This is a movie where you REALLY have to pay attention of what they're saying and doing. the movie gives you a-lot of clues too. For example: when jigsaw says to Detective Matthews, "you will find your son in a safe and secure state." His son is really IN a safe and IN a secure STATE! (Sorry for the spoiler)

Saw II was the real, Saw, it is full of surprises and amazing thrills!

BEST. SAW. EVER this was the most thought out and smartest movies of the saw series and of all time! The acting with Tobin Bell and Donnie Walburgh is amazing and they have great charisma, the scenes with the house and all the traps are perfect. FRANKY G IS AMAZING! Best saw of them all I think, this one launched the series into space. Best saw and best movie 20 out of 10 for me. IT IS JUST THAT GOOD!

3 Saw III

Saw III is close to saw ii for me, but I'm going with Saw III as my favorite. There are some big problems such as undeserving victims and that those victims had someone else choose if they live instead of save themself, but I just love the story, traps, ending, etc. so much that I'm going with this as my favorite. Also I really like Lynn's character and is upset that she died because of her stupid vengeful husband. It's also the most emotional saw movie and while the traps got a little too focused on being gruesome (heard it even made some people faint in theaters) people don't really focus on the meaning on that. But yeah another problem is there should have been less gore in the traps because the traps seemed like they were focused more on emotion and meaning, and the gore kind of covers that up. Behind this, my second favorite is Saw II, then VI, and the original. The original is great, and a lot of people say all the sequels are trash and just stick with the original being a great ...more

Saw I holds some of the strongest emotions of the series as we follow a broken man through trials and lessons much needed. This is the tragedy that brings the games into new hands.

This saw changed the direction of the franchise and was amazing, I loved the characters in it and the acting was almost perfect!

To me, Saw I was great. Saw II was also good but not as good as Saw I. But when Saw III came out, it was even better than Saw I. It has one of the best endings I've ever seen. It all makes sense after Saw III. Sadly enough, the other Saw films which came out after Saw III, were just pure garbage...

4 Saw VI

I love the SAW movies and I thought that they were starting to get bad and this one saved the series.

Of all of them this was the only one I didn't really like, it had lots of violence but a bland story line and left a lot of plot holes but was said to be the last saw, I was not happy with this one. :(

I was freaked-out by the first one and second, but this one made me feel even HIGHER! A break-through that safe this franchise and just forget about the 3th, 4th, 5th. A masterpiece!

The ending was sad the main guy died

5 Saw V

As far as traps go, this has the best ones, and the other plot with Strahm wanting to get Hoffman is thrilling

I liked this one. It was smart, explained everything and super gross! It even made my dad squirm... I have never seen him react to a movie like that before!

Saw 5 was not favored by most people but I thought it wasn't half bad, it was not the best of course but had a good storyline that focused more on the police than the traps. I also loved the ending.

The one to see along with saw 1

6 Saw IV

This is way to low on the list. Saw 5 has got to be one of the boring movies I've ever seen. The traps were lame, the characters are completely forgettable and Mark Hoffman was a crappy replacement for John Kramer. Saw: The Final Chapter is one of the worst movies I've seen. The blood in that movie was pink, the acting was horrendous and it had one of the worst movie endings of all time. Not even Chester Bennington's cameo appearance could save this one:/. But Saw 4 on the other hand actually had some pretty cool moments and the characters were actually not that bad.

Saw 4 had a lot of ups and downs, the traps were very good but I think it was very rushed and a little to fast for me to understand, it was still good and violent.

Seriously? Lower than saw 7! Bull crab my friends. This featured the death of my favorite character caused by giant ice blocks. This is better than part 7,5, and 3

Saw 4 is the most disturbing one especially that fat guy killing those girls

7 Saw: The Final Chapter

The idea, that one person claims to beaten one Jigsaw trap, even though he is lying, so he gets tested for real is cool, but the other plot was not really that interesting

Id say this is my FAVORITE Saw movie because it has Chester Bennington in it! And it's also really awesome!

This SAW movie had some really gory traps... Not to mention that Chester Bennington is in it... AWESOME!

The Public Execution Trap is my favorite part of the movie

8 Jigsaw

Wonderful Pre-/Sequel with more information about John's past

Honestly...I feel this should be #2 on the list. Just my opinion.

I already forgot this is a thing

My favorite!

9 Saw (2003 Short Film)

This doesn't count as a saw movie.

Yes it does

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