Greatest Shakespeare Characters


The Top Ten

1 Hamlet (from Hamlet)

Hamlet's motives are undoubtedly what make him so complex. Is he mad, or simply pretending? Is he a hero or a villain? He has such a fascinating psychological backstory.

2 Iago (from Othello)

From the play "Othello, " Iago is by far the most complex and devious character Shakespeare put to paper. His actions (including deft manipulation) coupled with great depth of emotion catapult Iago to the top of the list. - TheVerge04

Iago is one of the best villains in Shakespeare. In the production I saw of Othello, he was Irish, which somehow made him even more entertaining to watch.

3 Lady MacBeth (from MacBeth)
4 MacBeth (from MacBeth)
5 Cordelia (from King Lear)
6 Prospero (from The Tempest)
7 Henry V (from Henry V)
8 Romeo (from Romeo and Juliet)

He's stupid he had a relationship with a 13 year old girl and commited suicide over her - Ihateschool

9 Viola (from Twelfth Night)
10 Katherine (from The Taming of the Shrew)

She was a bitch at the beginning but, she turned out to have more character than her stuck up sister near the end of the play. - Robobrain

The Contenders

11 Bottom (from A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Just a super fun character.

My donkey boyfriend

12 Ophelia (from Hamlet)

Is great and deserves to be on the top spot

13 Mercutio (from Romeo and Juliet)
14 Banquo (from Macbeth)
15 Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet)

She has one of the hardest rolls in Shakespeare plays. I am a boy, I tried to play her, IT... IS... HARDER... THAN... IT... LOOKS. - 2234

16 Feste (from Twelfth Night)
17 Dogberry (from Much Ado About Nothing)
18 Friar Laurence (from Romeo And Juliet)

He I the one who had the idea to give Juliet the potion that made her appear dead so she could avoid the wedding with Paris.

His name is Friar Lawrence

19 Benvolio (from Romeo and Juliet)
20 Hotspur (from King Henry IV)
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