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41 England v. Argentina
42 Lokomotiv Plovdiv v. Botev Plovdiv

Everyone from Bulgaria knows what I am talking about..

43 Millwall v. West Ham

Easily the most heated rivalry

44 East Bengal V. Mohun Bagan

Out more than 300 matches played till date, East Bengal is leading the race whereas Mohun Bagan is far ahead of their arch rivals in numbers of trophies. The East Bengal is once a part of Mohun Bagan before one of Mohunbagan official decided to form his own club. It is a fierce battle and the rivaly can be compared to Celtic and Rangers derby because both of them are of similar type.

Why the hell is it not higher...The fierce Kolkata Derby which attracts 100k fans at any match at condition...two communities of Bengali people based on the partition...the Bangals and the Ghotis absolutely hate each other...intense flares, fights and the specific tastes of fish just adds to the flavour of the rivalry...pride of Indian football!

45 India v Pakistan
46 Steaua Bucuresti v Dinamo Bucuresti
47 Sydney FC v. Melbourne Victory
48 Manchester City vs Tottenham
49 Nacional v. Peñarol

Peñarol vs Nacional is the classic of Uruguay were football is more than sport in that small country with 2 World Cups

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50 Dinamo Zagreb v. Hajduk Split

Hadjuk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb is more than a football match for their fans

51 Portland Timbers v. Seattle Sounders

Best American club football rivalry

Cascadia Cup Rivalry has made soccer in America fun in this Northwest Corner of the US

Proof that there is a good, if still budding, soccer culture in the U.S.

LA galaxy vs SEA sounders is a close if not even rivalry

52 Everton v. Manchester United
53 Adelaide United v. Melbourne Victory
54 Everton v. Liverpool
55 Alajuelense vs. Saprissa

Big time clasico, in Costa Rica. Saprissa definitely has the upper hand with more championships and games won. They also have a much bigger fan base.

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56 Indonesia v. Malaysia
57 Philippines v. Singapore
58 Al Ahly v Zamalek

Huge crowds, death, violence and history. What more is there?

59 Persepolis v Esteghlal

Rivalry between two of the best teams in Asia

60 Bintang Arena FC v Elang Muda FC V 1 Comment
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