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61 Italy vs. France
62 Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs
63 South Africa vs Zimbabwe

Costa Nhamoinesu and Zimbabwe all the way!

64 FC Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund V 1 Comment
65 Portsmouth v. Southampton
66 Sheffield United vs Barnsley
67 Galatasarey VS Fenerbache

People are killed every year hell I'm from England and I even know how Dangerous it is - hm

68 SK Rapid vs Austria Wien
69 América v. Guadalajara

Just watched a video of this match, if you know football, you need to know about this rivalry, their history, their fans, its really amazing - redshark

River vs Boca or Boca vs River, in the Monumental or in the Bombonera, is the greatest football match that anyone could attend, for his folklore and his tradition were the fans support their teams as it were religion

70 Internazionale v. Milan

Inter Milan vs Milan, they play in the same stadium San Siro or Giuseppe Meazza, both have a history to envy, this match is incredible for a lot reasons

71 Independiente v. Racing

This rivalry between Racing and Independiente from Argentina is almost as great as the SuperClasico, their stadiums are separare just for a few meters, and their fans hated eachother incredibly

72 Peru v. Chile

Both countries had a rivalry since a war called "the war of the pacific" which started the rivalry.

73 Villarreal vs Valencia
74 Liverpool v. Chelsea
75 Wisła Kraków v. Cracovia

Their stadiums are 400 meters apart but are really big rivals

76 Brighton v. Crystal Palace

The m27 derby Or the eagles vs the seagulls has been going on since the 1970s

77 Napoli V. Juventus
78 Port Vale v. Stoke City

A city made up of 6 towns merged together. Very fierce rivals. Always trouble all weekend when these two play.

79 Galatasaray v Fenerbahce
80 River Plate v Boca Juniors
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