Greatest Songs Between Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath

This is gonna be a showdown, two of the greatest bands ever, in competition!

The Top Ten

1 Iron Man

I am Iron Man... Sabbath with Ozzy, the real thing. For me no comparison to Led Zeppelin.

2 Stairway to Heaven

Best Led Zeppelin song? Best song between Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath? I would put this song at #1 for best song ever written

Stairway to heaven is THE original rock song - vidieowiz4

Original? LOL, this is a rip off. Check out the list "Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off" and be convinced. - Metal_Treasure

Best song ever... Beautiful lyrics, greatest guitar solo actually everything has perfect in this song!

Both bands are great but Led just has more variety. Most of their albums have all good songs.

3 Kashmir

I think this song is very good, but insanely overrated. It's not even top 3 for its album (behind In My Time of Dying, Ten Years Gone, In The Light, The Rover, Sick Again, and Trampled Under Foot), not to mention top 3 between two amazing bands. This song is great but definitely should not be this high. - Songsta41

There seem to be too many Black Sabbath fans here... Paranoid higher than Kashmir. Paranoid IS a badass song, but it doesn't beat Kashmir. In my opinion, Kashmir is better than Stairway to Heaven. I am glad to see Zeppelin on top though!

Paranoid and Iron Man higher than Kashmir? What is this?
Besides, LED Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on one list? Is this a joke?
I LOVE Black Sabbath, they have inspired me so much, but LED Zeppelin is better than Sabbath to the point that they shouldn't even be on one list.
(Anyway, there are way too many people here in this list who like Sabbath more than LED)

My favorite bands are zEppelin and Sabbath but Kashmir is the best

4 Paranoid

Black Sabbath RULES! Unless you are a die hard Sabbath fan (Ozzy years) and know every song word for word, then you should not say there is a better band. EVERY album rocks! All songs are great. Not like most bands which have 2 or 3 great songs on one album, but Sabbaths albums all had great songs.

this song is awesoem, and I think black sabath is waay better than led zeppelin... no offence just my opinion - Okami

Second best classic rock song of all time second to StairWay To Heaven (best song of all time) - ChickaChickaSlimShady

killer song, it'll never die and black sabbeth rockz more!
- koolkat

5 War Pigs

I'm 15, and this is the song that made me realize how good heavy metal is.

It's not up for debate...

One of the best songs of all time, unbeatable. The outro is one of my all-time favourites.

THE BEST OF Black Sabbath

6 Black Sabbath

First heavy metal song. Just legendary...

7 Heaven and Hell

Why isn't this #2 behind ALS? - Brobusky

This is the best Black Sabbath song and the best song on this list. Of course, I exclude the Led Zep songs that are ripoffs (haha, "their" best songs are ripoffs). - Metal_Treasure

8 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
9 Black Dog

Very fine sexy riffs and an hard rocking solo makes it better than other

10 Trashed

The Contenders

11 Children of the Grave
12 Computer God
13 Achilles Last Stand

OK, I like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin equally, but this song just rocks! - Brobusky

The best song of Led Zeppelin,the solo is emotional and perfect,the lyrics is beautiful,the drums are fast,great riffs...just perfect,just Led Zeppelin

14 When the Levee Breaks

It has become my favorite Led Zeppelin song. It deserves to be higher. It has very clever guitar work and the drum beat is spectacular. - MontyPython

15 Dazed and Confused

Ok so its a led zepp rip off. Brilliant none the less.This is my favorite zepp song. And faeries wear boots by black sabbath is their most underrated.

How do you know it's their song and call it a rip-off? Are they ripping off themselves the second time you listened to the song from the first time? - Songsta41

The guy before me didn't explain the case very well. Led Zep have stolen this song from Jake Holmes - music, lyrics and even the song title. Led Zep literally did a cover of Jake Holmes' song.

Find on YouTube and be convinced: Jake Holmes - Dazed and Confused (1967) - Metal_Treasure

There's no comparison between this version and '67 offering, Zepp's version ROCKS and the guitar solo is faster and more intricate than anything sabbath did on their first album, and this was 2yrs early. Led Zep are the Heavy Metal originators, and this was the song that kicked it all off in '68. If it is deemed to be a copy/cover - it's the greatest remake of all time

16 Neon Knights
17 Whole Lotta Love

Should be in top ten, has one of the best solos ever! - TheHabsFan

This song is a proven rip off.
Check out these lists and be convinced:
Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off
Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That Were Ripped Off From Another Artist - Metal_Treasure

18 Good Times Bad Times

Children of the grave

19 In My Time of Dying
20 Children of the Sea
21 Immigrant Song

Love this song. - TheHabsFan

I like sabbath more than zeppe but this song is the best - Disturbedpotato

22 For Your Life
23 Darlene
24 Hearthbreaker

Heartbreaker is second only to Black Dog on this list!

Underrated. - TheHabsFan

25 Die Young
26 N.I.B

Its definitely one of the most underrated sabbath songs

27 The Mob Rules
28 Electric Funeral

The most amazing song of Black Sabbath.

Eyes melt into blood

29 Sweet Leaf
30 Symptom of the Universe
31 Into the Void

Heaviest song created (on Master of Reality album) I love Led Zeppelin (truly) but this song kicks a**!

32 Warning

Best Iommi guitar track

33 Planet Caravan
34 A National Acrobat
35 Dy'er Maker
36 The Wizard
37 Lord of This World
38 Ten Years Gone
39 The Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath
40 Fairies Wear Boots
41 Misty Mountain Hop
42 Rock and Roll

Boi this is the tightest

43 Bring It On Home
44 Changes
45 Communication Breakdown
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