Greatest Songs from OK Computer by Radiohead


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1 Paranoid Android

No Surprises as number 1.? That caught me off guard. Good song, but surely this one takes the cake every time!
Everything that Radiohead have to offer to the world, all rolled up into one epic mother of a song. And done flawlessly.

This is what radiohead is

When I think of the 90s, I think of this song. And I am reminded every time that the 90s was the best decade ever.

1. Paranoid Android
2. Karma Police
3. Exit Music (For A Film)
4. Electioneering
5. The Tourist
6. Lucky
7. Climbing Up The Walls
8. Fitter Happier
9. Airbag
10. Subterranean Homesick Alien
11. Let Down
12. No Surprises

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2 Karma Police

Great piano rock song, I agree with the position it is in.

Love it!

3 No Surprises

Best Radiohead Song in my opinion. Great backing vocals towards the end. Very reminiscent of "Sunday Morning" by The Velvet Underground, only this one is more developed and perfected. The closest to a perfect song I can think of.

One of the most happy/ depressing type of songs ever.

One of the best songs of all time. I am a huge Radiohead fan (I've listened to every album) I think that this is their best.

4 Let Down

Airbag 3.5/5 A great way to open up the album. That intro with the sliding guitars and the moment when Selway comes in on those powerful drums takes you on a journey.

Paranoid Android 2.5/5 Often considered one of Radiohead's greatest songs, this six minu te. t hree section song just doesn't cut it for me, yet its still one of the best songs on this album.

Subterranean Homesick Alien 2/5 This atmospheric song is okay, but I don't see why other people like it.

Exit Music ( For a Film) 3/5 Chilling song with a peaceful acoustic opening that eventually builds up into a beautiful hard rocking crescendo.

Let Down 5/5 The best song on OK Computer, the most beautiful song on OK Computer, one of the most beautiful Radiohead songs ever, and my second favorite Radiohead song The choruses are some of the best in any Radiohead song, and that ending is perfection.

Karma Police 2/5 One of Radioheads most popular songs. I'm not one to enjoy mainstream music, but ...more

The most perfect song. Best lyric ever. Should be first, then No Surprises. I can't sleep without listening to this song. It's also a nice song to start your day. So even If disappointments come your way, you don't worry.

The most underrated song on this album, and in this list below at #10, electioneering, 2nd most underrated. How sad. I won't say this list should be totally reversed but that would be closer to my opinion. Obviously This list is subjective, but my feeling is that the top three songs here are a result of the 'radio' play time they got; they are the singles. I love PA, and KP, and NS is great also, but they are not the best songs on this album. And what about The Tourist, not even on this list... shame... - abcrgb

Deserves to be number one. Arguably the greatest song in Radiohead's entire discography.

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5 Exit Music (For a Film)

Very quiet introduction, with a violent transition at 2:50 after a spacey gradation in between. Amazing title & lyrics.

6 Climbing Up the Walls

The lyrics, the synthesizer effects and that screaming at the end, they all help to make this not only a great song, but a very scary one too.

Grossly underrated. One of their best from any album, yet it's only 8th.

One of my favourite songs...

Maybe not better than Paranoid Android or No Suprises, but in an album full of great songs, this deserves at least third or fourth.

7 Airbag

Everything about this song is flawless, deserves to at least be in the top 5

Best opening song to an album ever.

8 Lucky

Still don't get the hype for paranoid android, Much better song

Love that song so much!

Lovely song


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9 Subterranean Homesick Alien

Thought my favorite is exit music (for a film), this songs storytelling is superb, its rhythms are catchy, and there is no reason it should be this low on the list besides the fact that some great songs have to be lower when and album is perfect.

What the hell! This is the greatest song ever I sing this song at least once every day

I think it should be at least in the top 5 - Lord28

Best Radiohead song. Period. - Sanselephant

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10 Electioneering

underated song, one of radioheads best. - beasthound

Really under-rated rock song! Love those riffs and the way it slows down and goes mad!

Very underrated. Catchy and I love the cowbells

By far the most Rock n Roll-esque song on this record. - cjWriter1997

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11 The Tourist

I'm shocked this isn't on here.

A very pretty waltz -like closing number for a landmark album. One of my favorites from Ok Computer.

No way this should be lower than electioneering so I voted for it

2nd best song after paranoid android

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12 Pop is Dead

"greatest song of all time and we are really proud to have created such an amazing song that will forever be remembered as our best song." Thom Yorke


13 Lift

I know is from the b sides but this song is incredible
Ps: Somebody actually create a list of "top ten oknotok songs"?

14 Man of War
15 Fitter Happier

How is this not #1? It tells you everything you need to know about how to live a better life, with more purpose and joy? every time I start to worry whether or not society is just a complex system with the purpose of maximum, most efficient exploitation of the masses for the will of the top few, with the media a thick, heavy cobweb to turn people away from seeking the truth, and those who do find it are so alienated that they seem insane, I just listen to this song and realise I just need to work overtime more often at my 7-5 factory job.

CREEP is ahead of this

I would not like ok computer as much w/o this song

16 Creep

Um What? This is from Pablo Honey what kind of Radiohead fans are you?

I thought it was a great idea to include this track from Nevermind into this album in 1969, just showing how deep Sublime really is

I think this is the defining song on OK Computer. Really good job also their best song on Kid A

I honestly think that sweep is the third best song on ‘dark side of the moon’ after Time obviously, Freddie Mercury really showed his true talent on guitar and bono really shown with lead vocals. This song cured my deression as it did for all 70’s kids

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17 I Promise
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